Sunday, May 31

Face down, A$$ Up...

"Are You F%@king Serious?! Get This MuthaF**ker off me!!"-Eminem

... A pissed off & embarrassed Eminem storms out of the MTV awards, after having his man-hood totally disrespected in front of millions!

Apparently Sacha "Bruno" Baron Cohan, thought it'll be cool to just sit his bare a$$ & sack on a grown man's face... Uhhh No!

--Shocked in the moment Em' yelled "Get this MuthaF**ker off me", just before his bodyguards removed Bruno from his position.

MTV has a lot of A** kissing to do after this!

--For those who missed it, Check out this Clip...




Rule # 1: Keep your nude photos private or don't take them at all. I wish someone would have warned poor RiRi this important fact when she decided to show off her goods. Apparently, Rihannas "nude" pictures that surfaced a few weeks ago may have cost her the coveted cover of VOGUE magazine. A close friend of Rihanna was quoted saying

"It could have been Rihanna’s shining moment: the cover of Vogue
! But when the nude pictures hit cyberspace, her once-in-a-lifetime chance was gone in a flash. Rihanna and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour had been talking for weeks about doing the cover and an inside spread, says a close friend of the singer, who adds that the two even chatted about it at the Met Costume Institute Gala on May 4. “Anna told her Vogue absolutely loves her and really wanted to work with her. Rihanna was ecstatic!” But since the photos came out, says the friend, “Anna hasn’t returned any of her calls. Rihanna’s so upset!”

Now being that there has only been 3 other black women on Vogue (Oprah, Jennifer Hudson, Michelle Obama) I would have personally enjoyed seeing Rihanna on the cover. To put it in perspective you really need to be careful of what pictures your taking, and who you are taking them with. It can bite you in the A%@ later.....

PressPlay: Bow Wow - Pole in My Basement

Apparently still trying to show the world his transition into a grown man, Bow Wow releases an almost X-rated video for "Pole in My Basement"-- off his recent album, New Jack City II.

Kids cover your eyes-- as we show you how "Lil' Bow Wow" has grown...


PressPlay: The Has-Been & The Never-Will-Be

Nicki Minaj & Foxy Brown discuss a possible collaboration, sisterhood in the rap game, & Nikki trying to turn Foxy out...

This is actually pretty interesting. It's good, yet surprising, to see Foxy Brown take another female under her wing. OJ Da Juice Man also makes an appearance at the end of the vid. Check out the full video (and Foxy Brown's face) in the On The Come Up 2009 DVD

Kimora Gives Birth To A Baby Boy.



Saturday, Kimora spent hours at a time keeping her fan followers updated on her delivery via her Twitter page. The fashion guru not only tweeted updates while at the hospital, she also  twitpic'd a picture of herself in her hospital gown.


Kimora, who gave birth to a baby boy Saturday night, already has two daughters — Ming Lee, 9, and Aoki Lee, 6 — with Russell Simmons. The newborn is the first child for her new hubby, Djimon, 45.



PressPlay: Jeremiah “Birthday Sex” Music Video


You Ain't Gettin NOOO P*****

Those words can really hurt some times... lol. Our girls from Electrik Red are capitalizing off the 'Power Of The P' in their new single, "P Is For Power". Check out this hilarious promotional video that these girls did. Their attitude is so like: We're Gonna Make This Happen Even If Def Jam Won't

Saturday, May 30

H&M Fashion Against AIDS collection


Estelle, who is always up for a good cause, hit up H&M in NYC this week to unveil the Fashion Against AIDS collection.

I love the message on the shirt. Though sex can be important to many, It's also very important that everyone knows their status, get tested!



Cartoon Comedy

Spectac's bump & grind video, has definitely put all eye's on him lately-- causing the world to speculate on his sexuality, imitate his "challenge", & now make a hilarious cartoon skit on this whole closet-outing...

I can't stop laughing --Check this out...


This B**** Is Crazy, But I Love It

Short, but sweet. Lady Gaga is truly an entertainer. This short interview is enough to make anybody believe that the artist is crazy as hell. But whatever her crazy ass is selling, I'm buying, because she always keeps me entertained.

Friday, May 29

The-Dream “Walking on the Moon” (Feat. Kanye West) Video

Picking up where Kayne's "Spaceship" photos left off, The Dream teams up with Mr. West in a new video for the single “Walking On The Moon.”


Flashback Friday: Notorious B.I.G. Feat. 112 - Sky's The Limit

T.G.I.F! -- & To honor our hard-week full of Struggles, Focus & Dedication... We here at Kiddunot gladly motivate your spirits with the Legendary Notorious B.I.G.'s, "Sky's The Limit".

In a time where everyone's fighting for change-- & to become # 1 on the charts of any career--
we have to keep in mind that no matter how tough the battle gets-- sky is the limit. & with enough perseverance... we can ultimately have what we want, and be what we what...

Flashback & take time to thank Biggie for reminding us that we can go from "Ashy to Classy"... & still rise to the top!


C-ERROR's Marketing Team Takes To KFC


When albums aren't selling & all else fails, result to fast food--just ask Ciara! She certainly has a fascination with fast food promotion. First McDonalds Now KFC?

After falling behind Chrisette Michele on the billboard charts, it seems like the marketing department over at Jive thinks a bucket of chicken will boost album sells. I'm sorry Jive, someone needs to lose their job. This is not a great marketing scheme!


The Root Of All Evil.



Spotted: The Dream & Christina Milian Attend a Private Dinner for Electrik Red in NYC.

Just as I'm starting to get use to this couple, something starts to urks me about these two. I'm not sure if it's the Dream's snug-tight gear or Christina's roots. It's something, just can't quite place my finger on it.


New Music: Teyana Taylor - Complicated

New music by Teyana Taylor, off her upcoming album, From A Planet Called Harlem, due out later this year. I mess with this track.


*Wipes Tears From Face*: The Version Of Paranoid That We All Fell In Love With Is A FAKE

Say it ain't so... Apparantly, the version of "Paranoid" that has been floating around the internet (even on kiddunot) is NOT the official video at all. In fact, it's an 'old' version. Kanye West took to his blog to tell the world about the leakage of a 'very wrong' version of "Paranoid"


He also leaked some screenshots from the offical video...





And it looks surprisingly better than the original. I'm a big Sin City fan, so I doubt that I'll be a disappointer. Besides, anything with Rihanna's name on it right now is guaranteed to be a success... but what's with the Grizzly Bear?

Men! Women! Children! Watch Out For The 'Spectacular Flu'!!!

And it's an epidemic. I was at the club last night, and everyone was talking about the Spectacular Video that has set the world by storm. I, for some reason, thought that the interest would only be around the fact that he looked hella gay. However, it seems as if Spectacular Cancer is spreading to all corners of the internet, even causing things like this:

I'm convinced that people need to undertake a psychiatric evaluation before purchasing a webcam.

Eve Bashes Chris Brown Online


It's quite evident whose side Eve is taking in the Rihanna and Chris Brown fiasco. After rapping the lyrics "What kind of love from a ni**a would black your eye?," in the 2001 Domestic Abuse Victim anthem, Love is Blind, the self-proclaimed “Pitbull in a skirt” has took to her Twitter this week to express her rage for Chris, who allegedly assaulted Rihanna in February.

“hold on hold on!! im just gonna reach out to some of ya’ll out there and say this bluntly, why do ppl keep tryin to protect chris browns a–

hes guilty until proven innocent, and no man should ever raise a hand to a woman, im so sick of people kissin his a–..yeh i did just watch

a clip of him saying he isnt a monster…yeh motherf–ker u are. let him or any other man come to me with power f–k him up..

and a message to rihanna…girl your beautiful and talented and u dont need a ni–a like that around u…ur special and deserve better…

& finally, no we dont no wat happened that night, all i no, is seein rihannas beautiful face bruised and upset..thats enuff 4 me.

im glad yall agree with me…im so sick of the media trying to sugar coat a serious issue. thanks for your responses, keep them coming tho x

Boy she didn't hold her tongue a bit! She let him have it...

Go Getta=KodakBoi

Swipe The Card!

I've been stanning really hard for Electrik Red recently. I seriously love everything about them, except for one thing: Their promotion or lack thereof! Def Jam has literally got these girls out in the streets promoting their album, titled How To Be A Lady, Vol. 1 which came out on Tuesday, May 26th.

Check out the beautiful ladies of Electrik Red (dressed to the T of course) in the airport making signs.

These were the end products:





And I'm Buying!

No seriously, I actually did buy their album, and it's a recession, so that's kind of a big deal. I love it by the way! So run out to your nearest Target, and SWIPE YOUR CARD to purchase How To Be A Lady, Vol. 1! Their album truly won't be a waste of money. In fact, I'm gonna give you a little taste. Check out two of my favorite songs below:


Go Shawty:

I'm soooo disappointed in their promotion! I recently found out that their album isn't even in some Targets, K-Marts, etc., forcing some fans to resort to Amazon to cop it!

Thursday, May 28

& The Next Reality Stars Are...

--I see Reality Shows have now become a hand-out... So Where the hell is mine!!?...

It seems while in the mist of T.I.'s jail sentencing, former Xcsape singer Tiny has managed to bagg her own reality show... & sharing the spotlight along-side Lil' Wayne's "baby momma", Toya.

--Okay, Tiny is acceptable... even expected, being T.I.'s just been locked up-- but Toya!?... Besides the mother of Weezy's oldest daughter Reginae-- Who the f%#k is she??...

Apparently the shows described to follow these two best friends as they stray from the shadows of their Hip-Hop husbands & "strive to find inner-strength, peace & purpose".

Tiny and Toya, is set to debut on BET, June 30th--



PressPlay- Fabolous Feat. Jeremih - It's My Time --Premiere Video

The kidd F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S is back on the scene, premiering his new video "It's My Time"--& scooped up rising artist Jeremih on his way.

The video definitely hype's up the anticipation for his June 30th Release of Loso's Way... which is already on my Cop that! list.

Check it out...


Miami Admissions--Dressing For Recession.


Who even spends big buck$ on designer duds anymore? While it’s true that I've cut cost due to the economic woes, which has caused havoc in my life, the reality is that there are still a few good finds out there--ask Moses Landrum IIII. As the recession takes us through it's course, a lot of people are cutting costs more & more when it comes to their budgets, but Mr. Landrum, who knows all too well about economical woes, wants to pass word that it's encouraging to know you can still maintain an unapologetic appearance while struggling through the financial crisis.


Moses, a student at Harvard Divinity School, hit up Miami for Memorial Day weekend, and all eyes were on him, or his above-the-knee shorts I should say, which were a mere $30. Moses didn't let the side-eye criticism affect his appearance nonetheless. "Do you see what my belt says? That's an H for Harvard University...Try getting IN to that," Moses said in a unapologetic tone.

Your wardrobe should definitely be consistent with your personality, so instead of cutting your eyes...or cutting out your shopping altogether, make an effort to shop smarter and dare to go vintage. You won't have to break the bank while doing so either.

[Moses' Memorial Day Look]

Vintage cap: $7
Blue collar shirt: $18.99
Poplin Short: $29.99 (urbanoutfitters)
Canary yellow vintage knit tie: $15
Circa Joan & David monk strap wingtip shoes (not shown): $85
Harvard Belt: Priceless 

Just a few recession-friendly tips to success! This is what we call dressing for recession; cheap but stylish apparel.


PressPlay: Dj Webstar Feat. Jim Jones & Juelz Santana - Dancing On Me

Harlem's own DJ Webstar is back at it, after he had the world buzzin off his "chicken noodle soup". --He's now teamed up with Jim Jones & Juelz in his latest video, "Dancing on Me".

--It's Definitely a club banger!...But can this wonder make another hit...?


I Hate You So Much Right Now.


Teyana Taylor shoots with photographer, Ashley Walker....


Spectacular Clears his Closet-Mess

--So with all the recent side talk on Spectac's grinding abilities, he apparently decided to clear up any suspicions... I think?-- & speaks with Kendra G, about all his swivels and shakes in this recent video.

He goes in on explaining why he couldn't be gay, & ask why men are tuning in to watch him twist & turn in pink briefs...

He also states this is the first of many to come-- Wow!...

My question is-- Wasn't the video a "challenge" directed towards male dancers... So who'd he expect to watch?... & Since when were Bow Wow & Trey Songz dancers? ...Hmmm

Check out the interview, & tell me How You Doin?...


Wednesday, May 27

Maxwell Tour Dates Announced


Maxwell has confirmed that he will kick off his 20-city tour of North American this summer to promote his new album, BLACKsummers’night, due in stores on July 7. The tour will include stops in Los Angeles, Savannah, and New Orleans, before closing it's run July 31 in Miami.

Here’s the itinerary for Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’night North American Tour:

Wed-Jun-17 Grand Rapids, MI DeVos Performance Hall
Fri-Jun-19 Hammond, IN The Venue/Horseshoe Hammond
Sat-Jun-20 Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theatre
Tue-Jun-23 Seattle, WA Paramount
Wed-Jun-24 Vancouver, BC The Centre
Fri-Jun-26 Las Vegas, NV Pearl
Sun-Jun-28 Los Angeles, CA BET AWARDS
Mon-Jun-29 Phoenix, AZ Dodge
Wed-Jul-1 Austin, TX Bass
Thu-Jul-2 San Antonio, TX Majestic Theater
Sat-Jul-4 New Orleans, LA Essence Festival (Superdome)
Sun-Jul-12 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium
Mon-Jul-13 Louisville, KY Palace Theatre
Wed-Jul-15 Columbus, OH Palace Theatre
Thu-Jul-16 Cleveland, OH Allen Theatre
Sat-Jul-18 Pittsburgh, PA Heinz
Sun-Jul-19 Buffalo, NY Sheas PAC
Tue-Jul-21 Albany, NY The Palace
Wed-Jul-22 New Jersey NJPAC
Fri-Jul-24 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata
Sat-Jul-25 Foxwoods Foxwoods
Mon-Jul-27 Norfolk, VA Chrysler Hall
Tue-Jul-28 Savannah, GA Johnny Mercer
Thu-Jul-30 Tampa, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall
Fri-Jul-31 Miami, FL The Knight Center


Kelis Throws Baby Shower In New York


Pregnant R&B singer KELIS celebrated her impending motherhood with a baby shower in New York at the weekend, surrounded by friends and family.

The Milkshake hitmaker, who is expecting estranged husband Nas' child, held a bash at the Big Apple's Soho House on Saturday (23May09), with guests gifting her with designer baby gear, including a Louis Vuitton diaper bag, reports the New York Post.

Kelis, who is due to give birth this summer (09), filed for divorce from rap superstar Nas in April (09), citing "irreconcilable differences" for the breakdown of their four year marriage.

Both stars are seeking joint legal and physical custody of the unborn child.

Source: (cw)

PressPlay: Kanye West Feat. Rihanna & Mr Hudson "Paranoid"

I love Rihanna in this video. I like how it's based solely around her.


Eminem On 106 & Park

Eminem speaks on Relapse, Asher Roth, B.o.B., KiD CuDi, & rehab


PressPlay: Ashanti Singing "Home"

Who would've ever though that Ashanti would be doing broadway? I remember when all of her live performances were a trainwreck... But now this chick is singing/dancing/acting LIVE for a living! She has really come a long way as a performer. Although she may not be selling millions of records like she used to, no one can say that she isn't showing growth.

She killed this performance of "Home."

What You Selling I Ain't Buying!?!


Eminem sits comfortable at the throne-- landing on top of the Billboard 200 sales chart this week, selling sold over 608,200 copies of his comeback disc Relapse. Em has broken many records and this time, Eminem has broken the record for the highest selling album of ’09. According to Nielsen’s SoundScan, the disc has already gone gold after it's first week in stores. That being said, where does this leave Asher Roth? Is there any room for him anymore?

With Eminem's return, Asher Roth may have one of the shortest lived careers in hip hop. Asher went from internet superstar to the bottom of the barrel in a matter of months. Much of his downfall is believed to have came after his reference of Don Imus’ infamous line about “Nappy Headed Hoes,” which caused a bit of controversy in the hip-hop community. Is there any recovery from this type of injury? Are the Eminem comparisons hurting his album sells as well?

No matter how much Roth tries to distance himself from that of the “Eminem clone,” he can't shake the Eminem comparisons. Since debuting on all the hip hop blogs, that's been their main focus--comparing his sound to that of Eminem's. 

When Eminem spoke on the comparisons last month with XXL mag, this is what he had to say-- "The stuff that I’ve heard from him honestly, which certainly isn’t enough for me to make my own opinion and say, ‘Yeah, he does sound like me’ or ‘No, he doesn’t.’ But the couple of songs I’ve head, I don’t really think he does. You know what I mean? He’s doing his own thing. I can respect it, too, because at the end of the day, I think he’s dope." 

Me personally, I don't think that their rapping styles are even close to the same, they just audibly sound exactly alike.

Despite the comparison, Soundscan shows the rapper's Asleep in the Bread Aisle, released April 21, has sold 112,100 copies in 4 weeks. And that's not half bad, considering 50% of his following is digital--online. But still, is that enough to keep Asher in the game? Can he solidify himself as a solo artist, and not a clone? Or has the hip hop community already cast him out and it's simply too late?

It’s gonna be interesting to see how this one plays out.


Let Us Take You Full Circle.


I'm only giving you a taste of what's to come on KidduNotTV....

Let's just say, I've been with the homie P.M.T. this weekend...& we seem to make magic man, Roy & Siegfried. Listen as P.M.T. sings live on an elevator. He puts on a show any & everywhere he goes, there's no shame in his game.

We've discussed a few things for our show--I love the ideas we've come up with...Without giving too much away, here is a clip of what to expect. This video was not shot with the Hv30. We were intoxicated & just felt like playing around with the digi cam....enjoy & feel free to give feedback.

KidduNotTV coming soon!


Maestro Knows - Episode 10 (Las Vegas)

Episode: Follow Maestro & his friend Kellen as they make their way to Las Vegas visiting UNDFTD & The Hard Rock, find out about Jermaine Dupri's new venture "The Ocean's 7" and hear Nelly preview a new verse in the elevator.

If you haven't been keeping up with all the "Maestro Knows" episodes I've been posting, please check this one out. This was one of the best episodes yet!


Soulja Boy On The View (Live)

Soulja Boy finally makes it to The View. You can't hate on this kid's success, you just can't.

His songs are like my hidden guilty pleasures. I randomly love his song "Kiss Me Thru The Phone", which he also performed on The View, along with Sammie. Check it out


How You Doin'? --Spectacular Edition

Wow, I'm lost for words after watching this damn video. From the spin in the beginning to the swirling of his hips..What is wrong with Spectacular? Is this how industry has-beens attempt to get there buzz back??

Okay let me just explain something, first of all, 'dudes' are not grinding out here, Spec! Only in Miami do you see that. And to be quite frank, Bow Wow, Trey Songz, Chris Brown or anybody else who were called out in this video would probably have NO IDEA what it means to grind.

Grinding was solely SPEC'S thing -- and no one crossed into his lane, ever. Now he wants a challenge? I'm so confused on so many levels it's not even funny!

I'm not sure if this is an act of homosexuality or a true R&B challenge...Who issues' a grind challenge to his male counterparts?

Someone please weigh in & help me out...


Waking up is so Beautiful....

Creativity At Its Best!!

This is the most creative video Ive ever seen. Oren Lavie is the artist behind this song titled "Her morning elegance", as well as the director (along with Yuval & Merav Nathan). Not many artists can deliver a solid record and an even better video to go along with it. It really only enhances the song. Videos like this force you to expand your mind and start thinking outside the box. It is very inspiring for the artistic minds. We all search for inspiration in many different ways and places. This video definitely leads you in that path.....

Check it out.

To Soon To Go


Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson lost his 4 year old daughter (Exodus Tyson) Tuesday May 26th, 2009 in Phoenix Arizona. Exodus reportedly got her neck caught in a treadmill cord at her Phoenix home, according to police.

According to reports Exodus either slipped or put her head in the loop of a cord hanging under the console. Her 7-year-old brother found her and told their mother. Exodus was taken off the cord, and her mother called 911 while trying to revive her.

Responding officers and firefighters performed CPR as they took the girl to the hospital. The young angel had been on life support and was pronounced dead just before noon. After investigation it was shown that this was an "tragic accident".

“There are no words to describe the tragic loss of our beloved Exodus,” the family said in a statement. “We ask you now to please respect our need at this very difficult time for privacy to grieve and try to help each other heal.”

Let me be the first to say that this is a tragic lost. And lets keep this family in prayer. I'm sure its hard losing not only someone close, but your own seed.

Tuesday, May 26

PressPlay: Rich Hil - Run Around For My Rasta

Rich Hil - Run Around For My Rasta from The Famous Firm on Vimeo.

Dope video!


Drake Apologizes To L.A. Fans About Missed Performance


“I was being paid to host a party and when I showed up, the money I was promised for that simple task was short,” he wrote. “The promoters were asking me to ‘just do one or two songs’ and leave but I am an artist and I take pride in the show I’ve put together. I refuse to step onstage and allow people to believe that I am okay with them paying $40 dollars to see me rap over two records that my DJ plays.”

“I apologize to anybody in L.A. that was deceived and I promise that when I return I will drain my body of all its energy when I hit that fuckin’ stage and give you all the best performance I can,”
-Drake on not performing at Element in Cali

When I hear of stories dealing with an artist not performing, due to the amount of money being offered, I usually attack the artist. But in this case, after hearing the situation according to Drizzy, I don't blame him--you have to know your worth. $40??? C'mon that's some bullsh*%. He has the heaviest buzz in the industry right now, and you expect to paid him 2 dubs? F' outta here!


Monday, May 25

Ain't Nothing Like A Brooklyn Girl.

Ok, I'm trying to get focused from a long weekend of partying on Miami beach & what better to kick start my week, than with a video of Charles Hamilton getting chin-checked by a female. Charles Hamilton decided to make a not-so-clever move by putting their sexual relations on front street in a freestyle battle. The battle didn't last very long, before the chick decked him in the mouth mid-sentence.

The chin-checker (who happens to be Kendu’s daughter--Mary J’s husband) took to her blog to explain the ordeal:

We seriously have a sick, dysfunctional, high school relationship. But… It is what it is. Like I said earlier: I DID NOT MEAN TO DECK HIM. I was holding it back but the more I thought about what he said the more I wanted to hit him. Sorry Grandma. I felt justified, but the more I think about it now, it is an unfair situation for him: I’m a female so he can’t hit me back with out a bunch of ppl talkn crap, and he still gets talked about if he doesn’t hit me. We ALL know that if a woman feels she’s man enough to hit a man, she’s probably man enough to take a punch. I’m not sayin thats right either

Matter of fact, let’s say this:
Even tho it was a “rap battle” and that’s the only reason he was going so hard…I would do it again in a heart beat. Somebody’s gotta shut the kid up sometime!!! But I got love for him tho.

I don't condone violence, but you gotta admit this is some funny ish....


Keyshia Cole performs “Trust” w/ Monica, Atlanta


Sunday, May 24

Jazmine Sullivan Bust Her *$$ On Stage

We truly adore this girl, but this ish it mad funny! lol


Saturday, May 23

Ashanti On “The TODAY Show”

On Friday, Ashanti stopped by The TODAY Show to promote the Broadway musical The Wiz, where she makes her theatrical debut as Dorothy

Real talk, ain't nobody checking for Ashanti. No shade, but The TODAY Show windows are usually slammed packed with spectators trying to get a glimpse of the hottest celeb on the show. Look behind Ashanti, those windows are empty--not a fan in sight! Now let that be Beyonce on the show, promoting one of her latest projects- you already know!! I guess Ashanti has officially lost her buzz...po' thang!

This is typical, things like this usually happen during Bey season...I'm just sayin!

Anyway, the musical will run June 12 through July 5 at New York City Center.


UnSung: P.M.T. In Miami


P.M.T., the most sought out person on my contact list, has finally come out of hiding. Me and the homie linked up & kicked it last night on South Beach, after he went missing for countless months. After catching up, I learned that not only has he been overseeing the direction for his career, but he's also been on the grind in & out of the studio, putting beginning touches on his debut album. You probably remember P.M.T. from this post, as we featured him in our "Crank it or Yank it" segment, well the homie is back on KidduNot and we have video for your viewing pleasure.

Watch P.M.T. act a fool & sing a medley of his own songs....Drunk might I add lol






Trina Covers Bleu Mag Spring Issue


Tryin to stay relevent, Trina graces the cover of Bleu mag Spring issue to discuss her raunchy image, being in love with Denver Nuggets basketball star Kenyon Martin, and the direction of this new upcoming album. 

After seeing this photo spread from Bleu mag, seems like Trina has been hit with the Keri Hilson swine flu with that hairdo of hers.



Apparently, after seeing this billboard (below) last night, she has decided to name her album "Amazing", and is preparing to release her new album in the 3rd quarter.



Friday, May 22

FlashBack Friday: Jay-Z featuring Foxy Brown- Ain't No Ni**a

I figured, since Jay-Z severing all ties from Def Jam, we'd take you back down memory lane where it all started... for Jay-Z's career that is. Our Flashback Friday joint comes from the year 1996-and features a, then, young Jay-Z who would eventually be crowed a 'mogul' in this thing called Hip Hop.

Now that Hov is an independent artist, there is no word yet on when we can expect to see the highly anticipated release of his Blueprint 3.


Thursday, May 21

How Could You Be So Heartless...

Kiddunot has recently received wurd that Kanye West has kicked Amber's ass to the curb!
--It seems while Ye' has been on the job, taking care of business... Amber Rose has been blooming in another man's garden!

Apparently Philly's own, Cassidy-- has caught the socialites attention... & has been quenching her thirst for thug-luv.

... How you jump from Kanye to Cass, is beyond me--
But it figures you can't teach an Ex Stripper new tricks!

Stay tuned for updates on this story...


Slip-N-Slide Makes Room for Jagged Edge

"I'm excited to welcome Jagged Edge to the Slip-N-Slide Records family. They are one of the preeminent R&B groups of our time. They are going to pick up right where they left off and bring their fans some great new hit songs." - Ted Lucas, Founder of Slip-N-Slide records

After flip-flopping with labels over the past few years, Jagged Edge has officially signed with Miami based recordings-- Slip-N-Slide Records. The platinum sellin group seem to be excited about the move...& with the lack of R&B groups out right now, J.E. feels the two will combine groundbreaking music throughout their future.

The next album is set to be released in 2010Can they make a comeback without JD??...


PressPlay: Beyonce- Ego (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Okay, her videos are starting to look the same to me now...That's one thing I miss about Missy, if not anything else, she always had innovative videos that always seem to catch your attention. Everything now-a-days is so lack luster!


Maxwell Unveils New Album Cover


Neo-soul vet- Maxwell just revealed the cover to his long-awaited new album, BLACKsummers’night, via his official website. BLACKsummer’snight, in stores on July 7th, features the single “Pretty Wings.”

I'm overly hype for this project...


Black Sitcoms Are DEAD.

Clip: Gina and Pam put their best feet forward to be accepted into an exclusive women's club, but their plans of impressing the women are jeopardized when Sheneneh and Laquita show up and turn their dreams into a nightmare.

Over the pass few years I settled with shows like Friends, Will & Grace, and Girlfriends--which I ultimately fell in love with in the end. But from all those shows, I have yet to find a character quite like Sheneneh Jenkins. The stereotypical mouthy "ghetto girl" , played by Martin, will forever reign in my mind as the "la-a-a-dy" she proclaimed to be.

With shows like The Game recently being cancelled...& a shortage on good black sitcoms to watch on television, we'll be posting a few of our favorite Martin clips until we feel completely comfortable enough to watch a black sitcom that holds us to our seats.


Random Shenanigans: Neffe Confirms Pregnancy

Neffe and her best friend, Atlanta hairstylist- Dariel, fly out to Baltimore and clear up a few rumors, all while demanding $60 from a gas guzzler. In the video, Neffe admits that she is pregnant by Sollow. Though she won't disclose the baby's name yet, she has confirmed that its a baby girl. She also touched on the "Frankie & Neffe" show coming in June, despite this KC's interview with S2S's Jamie Foster Brown.


Mariah Carey Announces New Album Title On Twitter


“Bcuz I Love U, I want u to be the first to know the title of my new album ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ Its very personal & dedicated to u" - Mariah Carey via twitter

MC recently used the social networking tool, Twitter, to unveil the title of her new album.

What can't you do with Twitter? Do people even check their Myspace pages anymore??....I don't think so, that's so late!






01. Muah (Produced By Tricky And The-Dream) 3:56
02. So Good (Produced By Tricky, The-Dream And Sean K.) 3:25
03. Devotion (Produced By Tricky And The-Dream) 4:34
04. Freaky Freaky (Produced By Tricky And The-Dream) 4:17
05. Bed Rest (Produced By Tricky And The-Dream) 4:30
06. Friend Lover (Produced By L.O.S Da Mystro And The-Dream) 3:44
07. P Is For Power (Produced By Tricky And The-Dream) 3:49
08. W.F.Y (Produced By Tricky And The-Dream) 3:58
09. 9 To 5 (Produced By L.O.S Da Mystro And The-Dream) 3:33
10. On Point (Produced By Tricky And The-Dream) 3:08
11. Drink In My Cup (Produced By Tricky And The-Dream) 3:34
12. Go Shawty (Produced By Tricky And The-Dream) 3:00
13. Kill Bill (Produced By Tricky And The-Dream) 3:21
14. So Good (Remix) Ft. Lil Wayne (Produced By Tricky And 3:29 The-Dream)

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Miami LOVES The Kardashian Girls!


"Dash Miami launch party was a huge success! I LOVE YOU MIAMI! Going to bed now while they all party away at LIV!" - Kim Kardashian via twitter

A success indeed! Just one day after we learned the Kardashians' new Dash boutique had been defaced, Kim K., along with her two sisters Khloe and Kourtney, were all smiles Wednesday night. The girls threw a launch party for their new South Florida boutique at The Clevelander on Miami Beach--and I was there to party with them. It was an awesome turn out & these girls are not Hollywood, contrary to popular belief, they are down to earth-- I F***'s with these chicks! Scott Storch was also on hand to showed his support.

But enough of my booty chatter....

Check out the flicks from the event, all taken by me of course!