Friday, July 31

It's About To Go Down

What a way to start a season off...On last night's season premiere of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta, things got overly heated when Sheree got into a fight with her party planner.




Wow Eminem is holding nothing back on his new track "Warning," a diss record aimed at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

This is getting ugly....



Most may remember Aaron Reid from his appearance on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. An aspiring A&R, Aaron is now ready to step out from behind the shadow of his parents, L.A. Reid and Pebbles, and make a career of his own.

Produced by Reap Productions, The 19-year-old is set to appear in his own reality show, The Life of Aaron Reid, which will be out later this year.

For more on Aaron Reid, check out his blog



Video: Mayer Hawthorne performing “I Wish That It Would Rain” and a snippet from The Isley Brothers hit “Work To Do” at Santos Party House in New York.

Everyone needs a lil Hawthorne in their life.


New Music //Lil Kim Ft The Dream & Soulja Boy-Download (Remix

The Queen Bee is back with remix to her single "Download," where she is accompanied by The Dream & Soulja Boy.

Lil' Kim and Soulja Boy on a track together? I done seen... and heard it all lol....dope remix tho!


Beyonce VS Kelly (Clarkson?)

I think i just heard the sound of a songwriter's career fading to black. Though Beyonce released 'I Am....blah blah blah' back in November 2008, and Kelly Clarkson dropped her 3rd effort 'All I Ever Wanted' back in March of this year. The My Life Would Suck Without You singer has decided to wait until THIS week to make some noise about the similarities between her new single 'Already Gone' and Beyonce's 'Halo', both written and produced by Ryan Tedder. While The songwriter in me can absolutely hear that these two pieces were penned by the same author, the marketer within is puzzled as to why Kelly & her team thought that this public lashing would be a good idea? Granted, getting your name in the same controversial sentence with Beyonce's is a great way to get 'upgraded' (*cough *Rihanna*) but this scenario is no different that the countless # of songs produced by a single producer that were carbon copies of eachother (i.e: EVERYTHING that was produced by Stargate circa 2005-2008.)

We already know what Halo sounds like, so take a listen @ KelClark's "Already Gone" and tell me what you think:

In her defense Kelly told CBS Radio this week, that she's just recently heard Beyonce's Halo & immediately phoned Ryan afterward stating: "No one's gonna be sitting at home, thinking, 'Man, Ryan Tedder gave Beyoncé and Kelly the same track to write to". "No, they're just gonna be saying I ripped someone off".

Hmmm..... Valid?

Flashback Fridays:

Artist: Tevin Campbell
Album: I'm Ready
Released: 1993

I was 10, my hightop was faded, & I was oblivious to the problems of the world. CAN WE stay here for a minute?

Thursday, July 30

ThrowBack Thursdays: It's Alright Cause I'm.....

Looks like Mark-Paul Gosselaar's appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show last month was just the start of things to come. U can front if u want to, but not only did you watch this show, you knew every last word of the theme song!

Everyone looks good, but where's Screech??!

Gone & Finish the Lyrics:
When I wake up in the morning
And the alarm gives out a warning
I don't think I'll ever make it on time....



I just CAN'T.
(and yes. YES!.... those are dookie box braids you're seeing ladies & gentlemen)
This is the f****** I come back to?? S.M.D.H

Ciara, She Can Sing!

Video: Ciara's TwitVid of her singing "Estelle's "American Boy"

She's not half as bad as some would like to make her out to be....


Maestro Knows - Episode 2 (Berlin)

Episode: Maestro, Phil and Joey roam around the city of Berlin to take a look at a few stores, catch up with Erolson from Acronym, ride motor scooters, and grab some food before night bowling!


Joe Jackson Confirms Michael Jackson's Secret Lovechild


I'm so over Joe Jackson, every week it's something new with him. This week he's confirming, in an exclusive / TV One interview, that 25-year-old Norweigan dancer/rapper Omer Bhatti is in fact Michael Jackson's son!

"Yes, I knew he had another son, yes I did" - Joe

Here is footage of Bhatti performing at his show "The Beginning."

I'm not sure if Joe is talking this up for more TV time, but the kid sure does look like Michael...Funny thing is, he favors Mike POST surgery. Weird right!?


The Sugar.Honey.Ice.Teas

Spotted: Amber Rose & Nicki Minaj backstage at the “America’s Most Wanted” concert.

These two have been stirring up a bit of controversy. The two were seen walking intimately backstage, holding hands, at a recent "America’s Most Wanted” concert.

Amber Rose has made it clear, after attending a recent Drake video shoot, that she had interest in Nicki Minaj and wouldn't mind being involved in a bi-sexual experience with her, as she expressed to her followers on Twitter.

"YOOOO!!!!! @nickiminaj is f**kin stunning in person I couldn't stop staring at her!!!! I would sooooo DO her. F**k it I can't even lie!!!!" - Amber Rose on Nicki Minaj

Nicki responded thereafter:

"I guess that's a good thing when a bad bitch likes you, you know?" - Nicki Minaj on Amber

Video: Amber Rose Talks Kanye’s “Robocop” Video, alongside Nicki Minaj

They look hella sexy together, I guess we'll see where this goes from here.


Lil' Wayne Speaks To Sway Via MTV

Video: Lil Wayne Speaking On His Young Money Crew

The Young Money album is slated for release on November 24.


Wednesday, July 29

Everything, Everyday, Everywhere...

Video: Fabolous Feat. Keri Hilson & Ryan Leslie “Everything, Everyday, Everywhere”


It's A Big Momma Thang!

Teyana Taylor channels her inner "Queen Bee," in this hilarious video with a few of her friends.


Sasha Who? Fierce....

Line: “Sasha Fierce is Dereon” For House of Dereon

I'm back from a long vacation and guess who is still making her rounds on the blogosphere? Beyonce!...No surprise. Here is the first promotional shot from Beyonce's House of Dereon line titled “Sasha Fierce is Dereon."


We're Back


The last week of my life has been a rough one...I celebrated my bday the whole weekend, but my computer was shot to death so I've been unable to update ANYTHING on the site. Kid Corey has been going through personal issues and WillyTee is out camping in London with NO Internet connection! And J. Cherry has also been without a computer...Perfect timing right? lol...

But we're back and we've missed you guys and updating ya'll with the latest in fashion, life and entertainment...thanks for checking with us daily. I promise this won't happen again!!


More bday weekend pics will be posted soon


Diddy On Jimmy Fallon

Video: Diddy interviewing on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday.


Monday, July 27

Katy Perry's Vocals Are The Motha...

I'm not gonna finish this statement because I'm don't curse (on this blog...)

Since Katy Perry stepped on the scene, I assumed that she was a mediocre vocalist with some cute beats... Then, I randomly heard this...

Yeah... this chick's vocals are just as good/better than Sam Sparro's

Sidebar: Happy Early B-Day KodakBoi!!! (don't call me when I get to Europe (it's a recession and out of nation calls are not cheap, especially in the mountains)

Friday, July 24

Lil' Kim's Bday Bash In Miami [KidduNot Exclusive Photos]]


Lil Kim celebrated her birthday last night with Baby, Jagged Edge & Fat Joe at Club Mansion in Miami. Kim's gal pals, Trina and Lisa Raye, hosted the Queen Bee's party, and of course KidduNot was on hand to bring you all the exclusive red carpet and birthday photos.


Photos: Elton Anderson/


E. Lynn Harris Dead At 54

e lynn harris Pictures, Images and Photos

Sad news this afternoon, Atlanta author E. Lynn Harris has died at age 54 during a west coast book tour, which he began for his 11th best-seller “Basketball Jones” this past January.

It was rumored this morning that Harris suffered “a serious health set back,” but this afternoon I received the news of the his death. Harris was found in his New York hotel room. As this time, there are no reports on the exact cause of his death.


"I'm No Soul Girl Quipped With No Afro."

Thank God For Twitter!!! My future wife Solange recently took to the site to make a "statement" about her hair or a lack thereof and the negative press that it has elicited. Below is a condensed and readable version of what she had to say:
"Listen. If I wanted to make a statement, I would have twitpic'd, photoshoot, etc. I was simply taking my son to school. The stupid paps took a pic.

I was NOT inspired by anyone but myself.

I have done this twice in my life. I was 16. I was 18. I did not care about your opinion then, and I don't care about it now. I don't need your attention or your co-sign. I am the #3 trending topic before IRAN, and some of you can't even locate it on a map... It's sad...

I don't want an edge or a perm because I'm not trying to make this "a style" or a statement. I just wanted to be free from the bondage that black women sometimes put on themselves with hair. At this phase of my life, I want to spend the time, energy, and money on something else... Not in the hair salon.

I'm not mad at all of you that have made your opinions known and have sent negative energy my way. I expected this of you. You have the right to have an opinion...

So Do I...

'I'm No Soul Girl Quipped With No Afro, I'm Just My God Given Name'

The ONLY reason that I responded to this is because I was disappointed to see my name more talked about then Iranian Election

We Gotta Do Better People!!!"
First off... that's a lie about only responding to the twitts because she was talked about more on a social networking site than the Iranian Election. But I do feel her on the hair tip, and that's only because mama's hair used to be LAYED! That's got to be stressful. If her hair was jacked, and she explained cutting it with "I didn't like the stresses associated with keeping my jacked wig together," I'd be like "girl please!" But her hair used to be better than Bey's... and that's an accomplishment!

I love long hair just like any product of a Eurocentric society (google it). And even though I hate to see it chopped completely off, I'm happy that my girl isn't affected by all of the negative press that she's getting...

This Is The Remix...

Amerie Feat. Nas, Rick Ross, Jadakiss & Caine - Why R U Remix

Rick Ross Feat. Fabolous, T-Pain, Pusha T & Birdman - Maybach Music 2.5 Remix


FlashBack Friday

Flashback Video: Immature - Constantly
Flashback Date: 1994 - (Prod. Chris Stokes) MCA Records


Thursday, July 23

Can You Be A MILF (Mom I'd Like To F***) Without Being A Mom???

I know y'all probably think I'm some sort of Mariah stan. Well Yes, I belong to the cult of Mariallah I am a fan, but I'm definitely not a stan I'm obsessed. Seriously, I just think that her swag is hilarious. The older she gets, the raunchier she gets. Even though she ain't got no kids, Mariah Carey has successfully perfected the M.I.L.F. look! Every time I see her, I think hot flashes, but in a sexy way...

In the remix video to "Obsessed," nothing is different. Check it out below, and I dare you not to laugh out loud when this chick starts singing laid out on a table under Gucci Mane.



Spotted: Pharrell at the opening of the Bape Store in London

"I love the Lunars-- They are my favorite sneakers right now. A lot of people think this jacket is BBC but It’s by Lanvin." -Pharrell