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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year KidduNot!!! And Just to think this was made off the strength of my people who encouraged me to do this! We've made it thru the year...and now we're on to 2009! So lets quickly move forward....Guys, I going out tonight to celebrate!!

I will give pictures afterwards


Love ya'll

The B.I.G. Movie Is Set To Come Out And Lil Kim Is Not Happy


Hip Hop's Big Momma-Queen Bee , Lil' Kim is not pleased with the performances and writer's for the film, Notorious, and she has a few words for Faith & Ms. Wallace, the two who are supposedly behind the film.

HHW: What are your thoughts on the Biggie movie?

LK: I want the world to be clear; I have NOTHING to do with that movie. That movie is Faith and Ms. Wallace's story. Most of the story is bullshit especially the way my character is being depicted. There are a lot of lies in the movie. I had no idea it was even going into production, until one day I got a call from my manager at the time, Lance "Un" Riviera, and he said " Yo! You know they caste this girl Naturi [Naughton] to play you in the Biggie movie," I was outraged. I was upset, because to me, to do an autobiography about someone's life, you want it to be as authentic as possible. I was not involved in the movie. They never came and asked me anything about Biggie, but again this was Faith and Ms. Wallace's movie.

HHW: So it's safe to say you didn't approve of the casting?

LK: I couldn't believe it. I was outraged.

HHW: So what did you do?

LK: I went with my lawyer and my manager over to the production company's office in downtown Manhattan, (I never went to the set) and I demanded to see the script along with the audition tapes to see all of the people who auditioned for this role, and find out why they didn't contact me to help pick who was gonna play me. When I viewed the tapes, Naturi was the worst out of all of them. Regardless of the fact she looked nothing like me, when I saw the audition tapes, she was the worst and I had no idea why they picked her. It seemed she was the total opposite of what I am. In my opinion a really seasoned actress would have contacted the original person they are portraying to deliver their best performance ever. The only two people who know me are God and myself so the audience is getting jiped in this movie.

HHW: Who was involved in selecting her?

LK: I have no idea. Again this is Faith and Ms. Wallace's story. I would've never picked Naturi to play me, but I think they were just trying to depict me a certain way and that was so wrong. At the end of the day, if you want a damn good movie, you're supposed to go to the sources themselves. I mean, you got Cease and some of the other mafia members playing themselves, but they didn't want me to play myself 'cause it would've been to real. They didn't even ask me as a common courtesy or out of respect, and the reason why is because they wanted to lie and make up a story. In Naturi's defense though, I feel really sorry for her because they totally used her.

HHW: Did they ever approach you to be involved?

LK: No, Never

HHW: What are some of the discrepancies with the movie?

LK: There were so many. They were disrespecting me terrible in that script but the one that sticks out to me was in a scene allegedly when Ms. Wallace came to see one of Biggie's shows for the first time and I was supposed to be so mad at him about something that I pulled my panties off on stage and mooned the crowd with my p----. What the f---?! Come on, don't you think that would've been in the history archives? They're using Lil Kim to sensationalize their bulls--- lying'-a-- story. That was the last version of the script I saw, which somebody had snuck to me, 'cause people didn't want me to see it.

HHW: How did you feel about who they cast to play Biggie and the other characters?

LK: Personally I would've never picked Gravy either, that's not my baby as I knew him. I'm a realist. If he gave me that Biggie aura I would've been able to separate. But, there's nothing that comes off of him that says; that's Biggie to me. I know Biggie is like "come on, how they gone do me like that?" The only person who came close to who they portrayed in my opinion was the girl that Faith picked to play her. But again this is Faith's story. I could never tell you what Faith and Biggie's relationship was like so how in the hell can Faith or Ms. Wallace or anyone say what my relationship with Biggie was like?

HHW: What happened next?

LK: My lawyer told them they were going to have to do something, and in order to even use my likeness or my name they had to pay me. On top of that they got the writer to talk to me. I knew something was fishy about them having the writer call me, when I spoke to the writer I felt like he was trying to play me so I wouldn't give up anything. I knew I wouldn't have control of how I was depicted.

HHW: Did you tell them any other stuff they used?

LK: I corrected the writer about Biggie's nickname for me. He had written that Biggie called me Big Momma. Biggie never called me Big Momma. As a matter of fact, he didn't even like that name for me. He used to call me "Mookie" I told the writer that and he was like, "I didn't know that." I was like, "yeah, it's a lot of things y'all don't know 'cause y'all ain't come and get the real from me. He even tried to get me to say things to go along with their story line, but I wasn't having it, 'cause I peeped this bulls--- from the beginning.

HHW: Did you see the King Magazine with Naturi on the cover?

LK: Yes

HHW: How did you feel about how she was made up to look like you?

LK: Although it was supposed to be a tribute to me, I didn't like it because I didn't feel like they captured the essence of that time period

HHW: Have you spoken with Faith and Ms. Wallace?

LK: No. Honestly, I don't have no words for them. But, one thing I will say is, I've had enough and I'm about to expose them both. That's it. I've been quiet for a long time. You don't hear me talking about none of them, and to be honest with you I'm really disappointed in Faith. I remember a few years ago she did a magazine interview where she talked about having a lot of respect and love for me. She said, "Kim was Biggie's girlfriend and I was Biggie's wife," and how that was hard for her to deal with. Then later on she writes a book and in it she tried to change it and say some stupid s--- about how I was his jump off. I laugh at her because I remember years ago being in the studio with my then boyfriend at the time, Scott Storch. We're in the studio, Faith was in another room and she called Scott's phone and said "Oh Kim's with you? Tell her I said hi and that I got love for her and hope that her and I can talk soon and be friends." I was like "wow!" I thought that was really big, considering that I'm a woman who her husband was in love with. I felt like that was real big. Me and Scott even thought of doing a record with her, thinking about how big it would've been for hip hop and for the Biggie family. She even sent her daughter China, who I love and took care of sometimes down to me, and China was like, "I love you Kim and my mom told me to tell you she loves you and hi." But, here we go years later, I guess the funds must be low; because somebody told Faith, "you gotta write a book and you gotta come at Kim in the book." It shocked me, 'cause I thought we had come to some kind of unity. I thought it was really tasteless. She could never play poker because she already exposed her hand. Faith, you know me, I'm an extremist I go hard. Once I start I don't stop. Why would you wake up this sleeping giant?

HHW: And, what about Ms. Wallace?

LK: There's nothing Faith or Ms. Wallace could do to stop me from reppin' B.I.G. all day. I'm gonna always do that. They want to talk about people exploiting Biggie, to me this is the worst way you could exploit his name; by disrespecting people who was around him who he had major love for. The truth is gonna be known. Like how a while back Ms. Wallace was on the radio talking about how we never mourned together and that she never knew me. It's crazy 'cause she and I lived together in Biggie's house for almost eight months after Biggie died. On top of all that, out of the kindness of my heart and the love I had for Biggie, I share five percent of my publishing with Ms. Wallace; just out of love, making sure that if I ate, she and the kids ate. And at the end of the day, this is how she repays me? It's time for Ms. Wallace to be exposed.

HHW: Will you go see the movie when it comes out?

LK: Hell No! I might watch it on bootleg, for legal reasons. I don't mess with Cease and them at all, but even they know this is not the real Biggie story. If they say something different, I ain't mad, 'cause I know they're rolling along for their little three minutes of fame, doing what they gotta do to hold on. I just want people to know, I have nothing to do with the film and I'm not supporting it. I'm Currently working on my life story where people will get the Naked Truth about Kimberly Denise Jones a/k/a Lil Kim.

I totally agree, I feel Kim....To do a TRUE STORY, they should have reached out to the real members of the cast, like Kim.


Tuesday, December 30's Top 8 of '08 [Performances]

Entertainers are constantly being pushed to expand upon their talents and skills to keep up with their competition. Live performances provide music fans with a great way to ascertain the talents of our artists: although many performers can entertain us through a CD, only a few can actually entertain us live. Below, you will find a list of eight of the best performances (in chronological order) that we saw in 2008. Before you go any further, keep in mind that the man is doing everything that he can to keep us from watching videos on YouTube. So if your favorite performance is not up here, it might simply be because we couldn't find a link to it.

Alicia Keys at the 2008 NBC Annual New Year's Special

"Like You'll Never See Me Again"

Amy Winehouse Performing at the Grammy Awards Via Satellite from England

"I'm No Good"/"Rehab"

Chris Brown (feat. Ciara) at the BET Awards in Los Angeles, CA

"With You"/"Take You Down"

Jay-Z at the Glastonbury Festival in Glastonbury, England


Pink at the MTV Video Music Awards in Hollywood, CA

"So What"

Kanye West & Estelle at the MTV European Music Awards in Liverpool, England

"Love Lockdown"/"American Boy"

Beyonce at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, Monaco

"If I Were A Boy"/"Single Ladies"

Ne-Yo at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA

"Miss Independent"/"Closer"

WillyTee & Kodakboi for

PRESS PLAY: Mambo Sauce "Welcome To D.C." ((D.C., Maryland, Virginia STAND-UP!!))

This shyt go hard!!

The Virgo Signing Off...

Sunday, December 28

Battle of the "Divas"

So Ciara just released her own version of Beyonce's future hit single "Diva," and although she's noooo Beyonce, I can respect a chick that is coming for her crown! This game is serious right now, and females are getting knocked out of the industry left and right. To listen to 'Super C' stake her claim as a Diva check out the clip below:

Saturday, December 27's Top 8 of '08 [Movies]

While every other industry in the United States has been failing, the movie industry has been pulling in record numbers. Even if movies like Dark Night and Iron Man weren't earning hundreds of millions of dollars, there were still enough indie flicks to make this list worthwhile... There were a lot of other movies of 2008 that were worthy of making our top 8, but these were the ones that made the official cut:

Tropic Thunder


Slumdog Millionaire

The Dark Knight

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button




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Friday, December 26

Sasha Fierce Does It Again...


Beyonce (pictured above as Sasha Fierce doing something "Sasha Fierce"-esque) has another reason to celebrate over the holidays. On Christmas day, "Single Ladies" landed at the No. 1 spot on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. This single is now at its third and sixth week atop them both, respectively. The track sold 149,000 downloads in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

There's not much movement in the top 10 of the Hot 100 this week, as T.I.'s "Live Your Life" featuring Rihanna holds at No. 2 and Lady GaGa's "Just Dance" featuring Colby O'Donis remains No. 3. Kanye West's "Heartless" is the chart's greatest airplay gainer and rises 7-4.

Britney Spears' "Womanizer" is up 6-5, Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" jumps 8-6 and Taylor Swift's "Love Story" climbs 11-7. Swift's "Fearless" (Big Machine) is in a third non-consecutive week at No. 1 on The Billboard 200.

Another West song, "Love Lockdown," moves 10-8, while T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" falls 5-9 and Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy" falls 9-10 to round out the top portion.

How well do you think "Diva"/"Halo" will do on the charts??? If you've seen those new videos then you know things are looking good for Queen Bey!

Smuggled from

AND THE RESULTS ARE IN... (Well Almost But Not Really At All)

The Oscars may be months away, but everyone is already buzzing about who the nominees and winners will be!!! Since most of the critics have given away their "Pre-Oscar" Awards, it is safe to go ahead and make some predictions...

This is what the guys at Oscar-watch are reporting... The clear front runner for Best Picture is Slumdog Millionaire... this is a definite must-see. It's in indie flick so you might have to actually search for a theater, but trust that it's worth the search. Of course, Dark Knight is not doing too poorly either. Heath Ledger will probably take the best supporting actor win... Another must-see that is currently out right now is Milk. It's about the first openly-gay politician, Harvey Milk. Sean Penn is the front runner for Best Actor because for his role in that movie. Make sure you notice that our girl Taraji P. Henson is being considered for an Oscar for her role in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Even if she doesn't win, this will definitely increase her visibility. And you must admit that she has come a looong way since Baby Boy. I have yet to see The Wrestler, but apparently it has some really good reviews and is front-runner in several categories.

The number that is next to the movie denotes the amount of awards that it has won already

Best Picture
Slumdog Millionaire (12)
The Dark Knight (3)
Milk (3)
Wall-E (3)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2)
Frost/Nixon (1)
Happy-Go-Lucky (1)
Wendy and Lucy (1)

Best Director
Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire (16)
Gus Van Sant, Milk (2)
Jonathan Demme, Rachel Getting Married (1)
Ron Howard, Frost/Nixon (1)
Mike Leigh, Happy-Go-Lucky (1)
David Fincher, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (1)
Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight (1)
Andrew Stanton, Wall-E (1)

Best Actor
Sean Penn, Milk (12)
Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler (11)
Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon (2)
Clint Eastwood, Gran Torino (1)
Ricky Gervais, Ghost Town (1)
Richard Jenkins, The Visitor (1)

Best Actress
Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky (8)
Anne Hathaway, Rachel Getting Married (6)
Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road (4)
Melissa Leo, Frozen River (3)
Meryl Streep, Doubt (2)
Angelina Jolie, Changeling (2)
Michelle Williams, Wendy and Lucy (1)

Best Supporting Actor
Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight (21)
Josh Brolin, Milk (2)
Michael Shannon, Revolutionary Road (1)

Best Supporting Actress
Marisa Tomei, The Wrestler (7)
Penélope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona (6)
Viola Davis, Doubt (5)
Rosemarie DeWitt, Rachel Getting Married (4)
Kate Winslet, The Reader (3)
Taraji P. Henson, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (1)

Best Original Screenplay
Dustin Lance Black, Milk (4)
Jenny Lumet, Rachel Getting Married (4)
Tom McCarthy, The Visitor (2)
Andrew Stanton & Jim Reardon, Wall-E (2)
Charlie Kaufman, Synecdoche, New York (1)
Mike Leigh, Happy-Go-Lucky (1)
Martin McDonagh, In Bruges (1)
Nick Schenk, Gran Torino (1)
Robert D. Siegel, The Wrestler (1)

Best Adapted Screenplay
Simon Beaufoy, Slumdog Millionaire (10)
Peter Morgan, Frost/Nixon (5)
Christopher Nolan & Jonathan Nolan, The Dark Knight (1)
Eric Roth, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (1)

Who do you think deserves a golden statue in 2009???

Also, make sure to check out our top Movies of 2008 list that we will be dropping before the year is out!!!

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Thursday, December 25

R.I.P. Eartha Kitt


The iconic Eartha Kitt died today from colon cancer at the age of 81. The legendary performer won two Emmies and was nominated a Tony and a Grammy. For a great article about the original cat woman and self-proscribed "sex kitten," check out this article by the Washington Post.

1,000 Santas and Only one of Me


ikidduNot, New York was filled with like a thousand Santas of all shapes & sizes running around the city. Crazy right! It was fun tho, the Santas had the whole city on lock!! Me and the homie A.C. hit up the city, but clearly we didn't know what to expect one we got there. Certainly it wasn't this, lol.



[video] These Santas be jamming! : )

Merry xmas from on Vimeo.

We made sure we had a good ass time nevertheless.


A Child Was Killed at Lil’ Boosie’s Home


We got some bad news to report out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Reports indicate that an unfortunate accident took the life of a little girl on Christmas eve. Supposedly a 2-year-old child was visiting the home of rapper Lil Boosie’s and was accidentally struck & killed when the girl's father backed his car over her. Sad sad sad! Lets keep this family in our prayers.

Click here to watch news reports


PlayPress: Fat Joe ft. Ron Browz & Lil Wayne - Winding On me

Guess who's back? Fat Joe is, and he's brought Man of The Hour Ron Browz and Lil' Weezy with him.


Sleepless In the Big Apple: KodakBoi


Remember I was telling you guys about BBQ's? Well I went back, this time I dined with more friends and caught up on some good times! I ordered their infamous "sticky wings", which were covered in their honey basted sauce and a Mango Margaritia. Mmm Mmm good! Shout out to the homie Ryan for rocking with me for the weekend!







Newly Address: President-Elect Barack Obama

KodakBoi's Top 8 of '08 [TV Shows]

According to recent studies, young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 (which would constitute us and most of our readers) are spending less time watch television and more time in front of a computer screen. Despite this fact, there are still a few shows that are keeping people of all ages glued in front of the tube. Our personal favorites of 2008 can be seen below (in no particular order)

Chelsea Lately


She will really say anything out of her mouth... but that's why we love her.



Sometimes I love it... Sometimes I hate it... But I NEVER MISS AN EPISODE

Saturday Night Live


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made this year the funniest that SNL has had in a few years. Even the white guy that plays Obama is funny... Plus with performances by Kanye, Adele, Beyonce, T.I., and Mariah it became impossible to miss an episode.

30 Rock


Again... Tina Fey is one of the best comediennes of our time. Team her up with Alec Baldwin and funnyman Tracy Morgan and you've got a must-see!

The Game


It's like the only Black tv show that is actually worth watching... How could this not be on the list?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta


A guilty obsession for many of us, this tv show may not help the image of Atlanta, but its entertainment value is incontestable.



Weeds is reason enough alone (and it's about the only reason) to upgrade your cable service to include Showtime! A MILF who sells drugs and never gets caught is always a good look...

Mad Men


Two golden globes, six Emmies, and it's only been around for one year and a half. Mad Men is cable television at its finest.

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Diddy wishes us a Merry Christmas


Weezy Blog Is Back!


Wednesday, December 24

Thank You & Merry Christmas


I want to take the time to send Christmas blessings to our readers and supporters! Without you guys, we're nothing! Thanks for rocking with us. 

Extra special Christmas wishes go out to our contributors: The Virgo, WillyTee, and Farah. This site wouldn’t be the same without you guys and all your hard work. I think we have a "roc" now, we're pretty solid and I'm content! I can't think of anyone else I would rather have on my team than you guys! I look forward to 09 with you all. It's our year! I promise you. We are like family! You understand the vision and you guys back it every step of the way!


Rihanna To Headline Super Bowl Show!!

Rihanna has signed on to headline the 2009 NFL Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash !

Ri-Ri joins Lifehouse and Fall Out Boy for the show that will air Thurs. Jan. 29 at 9pm EST. (VH1)

The Virgo Signing Off...'s Top 8 of '08 [Albums]

Ok, so we've tallied up the top 8 albums (in no particular order) of this year! These artist put forth their best efforts, making almost every song on their disc a possible single. We originally had a list of about 12, which included works from Erkyah Badu, The Roots, and others, but unfortunately there was only room for 8. Here's who made it:

[Rick Ross - Trilla]

[Adele - 19]

[Duffy - Rockferry]

[Jazmine Sullivan - Fearless]

[Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak]

[Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter III]

[N.E.R.D. - Seeing Sounds]

[The Game - LAX]


Tuesday, December 23

Strike A Pose: Bey Vs. Ri


Is Beyonce showing Rhianna who the real diva is in this photo? It's been said that Rihanna "needed to lean against a wall for this pose", but Bey...Bey did it standalone, with Rihanna's infamous ballerina heels from her smash hit video "Umbrella". I don't knoooow!



You Be The Judge!


Lil Kim Performing In France


Beyonce "Diva" and "Halo:" Official Music Videos!!!

Beyonce Knowles-Carter has finally released her two newest videos from I Am... Sasha Fierce

"Diva" by Sasha Fierce

and "Halo" by Beyonce's Top 8 of '08 [Slept-On Artists]

2008 was a big year for a lot of up and coming artists. However, it wasn't as big for some as it was for others. Notoriety does not always parallel talent. The artists listed below are some of the best rappers and singers that the industry has to offer. But for some reason, they are not as well-receieved.

Without further ado: ''s 8 Most Slept-On Artists of 2008:'

Teedra Moses
After three hot mixtapes, one hot album, and an ever-increasing fanbase, I cannot believe that some people still do not know who Teedra Moses is. In 2008, she released her third mixtape, Royal Patience - The Young Hustla Compilation Volume 3, and prepared for her acting debut as Lisa in the Wendy Williams biopic Queen of Media. Teedra is still steadily self-promoting for the constantly pushed-back Young Lioness, her follow up to the 2004 Complex Simplicity, ostensibly one of the best R&B albums of this millenium. Although her new album doesn't even have a release date yet, she is still performing throughout the U.S. (check her out at Terrace on December 28) Let's hope that Teedra Moses' talent prevails in 2009; I don't want to have to put her on this list again

The Cool Kids
I really didn't think that they would end up on this list, but I also thought that the Cool Kids would finally release an album in 2008. Although The Bake Sale did leak earlier this year, nothing officially dropped. Even though mixtapes, features, singles, and commercials were released on behalf of the Detroit/Chicago based duo, nothing actually hit the stores for the Cool Kids. Still, 2008 was not a bad year for them. They were able to tour across the world and open for M.I.A. throughout the spring and the summer. They even received an endorsement from Mountain Dew. The duo was also noted by Rolling Stone as one of the top artists to watch for in 2008. And in 2009, they are going to be headlining the "NBA 2k Bounce Tour" with Q-Tip. But as a whole, they still did not get the recognition that they deserve in 2009. I cannot fathom why they continue to be slept on by the industry and hip hop fans.

Asher Roth
Some would argue that Asher Roth shouldn't even be on this list because he hasn't been around long enough to really be slept-on. The 22-year old suburban rapper who dropped out of college to move to Atlanta and pursue a music career released his first mixtape just a few months ago. However, I included Asher Roth on this list because I still would expect more people to know whom he is. I immediately became a fan after hearing Roth's song “I Love College,” which represents the shift that urban music is making towards the collegiate suburban swagger which is more realistic for most of Hip Hop's supporters, purchasers, and contributors. His debut album is slated for release on March 17, 2009, and I cannot wait for others to recognize the "middle-class minutiae."

Janelle Monáe
You've heard the name before. You've seen the face (especially the hair) before. In fact, you've probably seen her on VH1's "I Want To Work For Diddy." The contestants' final challenge was to perfectly orchestrate a concert/showcase for the artist in New York City. You might have even heard that she released an album. However, I can almost guarantee that you've never heard the actual album. Janelle Monáe is currently signed to Bad Boy records. However, before inking the deal she had planned to release her album Metropolis in four different parts or "suites". Well "Suite 1" sold horribly, (partly because it only had five tracks on it) and thankfully, the idea was scrapped. Instead, she'll be releasing a full-length album in 2009. 2008 still was not a bad year for Janelle Monáe. The song "Many Moons" was recently nominated for a Grammy Award in the urban/alternative category. 2008 just wasn't that good of a year for her either...

Mickey Factz
After leaving New York University law school to focus on music full-time, the 23-year-old Bronx native started releasing mixtapes online in 2006. Yet, he still has not finally received the notoriety or commerical album that he deserves. At the beginning of 2008, Mickey Factz began releasing a new track every week as part of a series appropriately titled "The Leak." Currently, he is preparing for the 2009 release of his debut album, "The Leak Vol. 3: The Achievement," scheduled for release early next year. However, his album is definitely not his only focus: he has gone on to co-found his own marketing, branding and styling business and label: GFC New York. That's definitely a good thing, because if 2009 is anything like 2008, his debut album might never get released.

After a tumultuous year, British singer Adele is finally receiving recognition in the U.S. Her first album, 19, debuted at number 1 on the U.K. album charts but has failed to break into the top ten in the United States. The British invasion actually hurt Adele, who was out-shined by her several of her contemporaries, including Duffy and Estelle. However, she really lucked out by performing on SNL during one of the nights that featured Tina Fey's infamous Sarah Palin portrayals. More than 17 million viewers watched the show. Soon after, the album jumped from 46 to 11 on the Billboard's album charts. Since the performance, the Adele has garnered four grammy nominations, inlcuding one for the most coveted freshman award, Best New Artist. I am almost 100% positive that people will stop sleepin on Adele next year.

Solange PiagetKnowles
Somehow, being Beyonce's little sister doesn't guarantee commercial success. However, Solange was able to do what many thought impossibe. Her critically acclaimed Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams became one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2008. Also, she has done something that Beyonce has never been able to do: be real in an interview. I digress... Unsurprisingly, nobody wanted to work with her because she was Beyonce's sister and a presumed flop. Solange had to literally sell her demo to producers. She eventually gained help from Cee-Lo, Mark Ronson, the Neptunes, and more... Although this album did much better than her last, people are still only beginning to stop sleeping on Solange.

Nikki Minaj
Hmmm.... this is an interesting one... Nikki Minaj has the potential to be one of the biggest female acts in hip hop. However, nobody knows who she is. She clearly has the look. She also has the lyrics. Even though some might say that her voice is annoying, I think that it only adds to her sex appeal. The self-proclaimed "Lil' Wayne's Mistress"released a mixtape this year and was featured on several mixtapes and remixes. Still, noone knows who she is! Nikki is signed to Lil Wayne's label and the two are apparently great friends. However, her success was not catapulted by his... But everyone knows that artists on another artists' label always flop... If Wayne ever decides to but this chick in a video, or an offical remix, I can guarantee that she will almost immediately become a household name...

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Joe Budden TV: Fab Won’t Diss Another Rapper For Shit!!!

I'm a fanatic for Joe Budden TV!! This nigga needs his own channel.


Monday, December 22

Ricky Blaze Feat. Red Cafe, Ron Browz & Nicki Minaj - Feel Free


This joint is fire!


PressPlay: Donny Goines - “Ricky’s Story”

Donny Goines "Ricky's Story" Dir: Mills Miller from MillsMillerMedia on Vimeo.


Wale In The Building Tonight!

In true DC style, check out Wale's Go-Go rendition of Jay-z's tune “Roc Boys”, at his after show at Highline Ballroom in NYC. Chrisette Michelle, Freeway, Pusha T, Young Chris and Ryan Leslie were all attendance.


Vans New Watermelon Shoes From Their 2009 Line

I think you can do alot with this look in the summer. What do you think?

Japanese Fashion

I love Japanese Fashion, but as usual, no matter where you go, people take things too far. Check out some looks that "Go way too far"

Ganguro literally "black-face", is a Japanese fashion trend among many Japanese girls which peaked in popularity from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, an outgrowth of chapatsu hair dyeing. The Shibuya and Ikebukuro districts of Tokyo are the center of ganguro fashion.

I guess its cool to look like a broke down bag lady that's 10 year old. Check out hello Kitty.

Do these guys do Japanese Dirty Rocker well?

I kind of like their little outfits...Compared to the rest of them.