Thursday, May 21

Black Sitcoms Are DEAD.

Clip: Gina and Pam put their best feet forward to be accepted into an exclusive women's club, but their plans of impressing the women are jeopardized when Sheneneh and Laquita show up and turn their dreams into a nightmare.

Over the pass few years I settled with shows like Friends, Will & Grace, and Girlfriends--which I ultimately fell in love with in the end. But from all those shows, I have yet to find a character quite like Sheneneh Jenkins. The stereotypical mouthy "ghetto girl" , played by Martin, will forever reign in my mind as the "la-a-a-dy" she proclaimed to be.

With shows like The Game recently being cancelled...& a shortage on good black sitcoms to watch on television, we'll be posting a few of our favorite Martin clips until we feel completely comfortable enough to watch a black sitcom that holds us to our seats.