Tuesday, May 26

Drake Apologizes To L.A. Fans About Missed Performance


“I was being paid to host a party and when I showed up, the money I was promised for that simple task was short,” he wrote. “The promoters were asking me to ‘just do one or two songs’ and leave but I am an artist and I take pride in the show I’ve put together. I refuse to step onstage and allow people to believe that I am okay with them paying $40 dollars to see me rap over two records that my DJ plays.”

“I apologize to anybody in L.A. that was deceived and I promise that when I return I will drain my body of all its energy when I hit that fuckin’ stage and give you all the best performance I can,”
-Drake on not performing at Element in Cali

When I hear of stories dealing with an artist not performing, due to the amount of money being offered, I usually attack the artist. But in this case, after hearing the situation according to Drizzy, I don't blame him--you have to know your worth. $40??? C'mon that's some bullsh*%. He has the heaviest buzz in the industry right now, and you expect to paid him 2 dubs? F' outta here!