Friday, May 29

Eve Bashes Chris Brown Online


It's quite evident whose side Eve is taking in the Rihanna and Chris Brown fiasco. After rapping the lyrics "What kind of love from a ni**a would black your eye?," in the 2001 Domestic Abuse Victim anthem, Love is Blind, the self-proclaimed “Pitbull in a skirt” has took to her Twitter this week to express her rage for Chris, who allegedly assaulted Rihanna in February.

“hold on hold on!! im just gonna reach out to some of ya’ll out there and say this bluntly, why do ppl keep tryin to protect chris browns a–

hes guilty until proven innocent, and no man should ever raise a hand to a woman, im so sick of people kissin his a–..yeh i did just watch

a clip of him saying he isnt a monster…yeh motherf–ker u are. let him or any other man come to me with power f–k him up..

and a message to rihanna…girl your beautiful and talented and u dont need a ni–a like that around u…ur special and deserve better…

& finally, no we dont no wat happened that night, all i no, is seein rihannas beautiful face bruised and upset..thats enuff 4 me.

im glad yall agree with me…im so sick of the media trying to sugar coat a serious issue. thanks for your responses, keep them coming tho x

Boy she didn't hold her tongue a bit! She let him have it...

Go Getta=KodakBoi