Thursday, May 28

Miami Admissions--Dressing For Recession.


Who even spends big buck$ on designer duds anymore? While it’s true that I've cut cost due to the economic woes, which has caused havoc in my life, the reality is that there are still a few good finds out there--ask Moses Landrum IIII. As the recession takes us through it's course, a lot of people are cutting costs more & more when it comes to their budgets, but Mr. Landrum, who knows all too well about economical woes, wants to pass word that it's encouraging to know you can still maintain an unapologetic appearance while struggling through the financial crisis.


Moses, a student at Harvard Divinity School, hit up Miami for Memorial Day weekend, and all eyes were on him, or his above-the-knee shorts I should say, which were a mere $30. Moses didn't let the side-eye criticism affect his appearance nonetheless. "Do you see what my belt says? That's an H for Harvard University...Try getting IN to that," Moses said in a unapologetic tone.

Your wardrobe should definitely be consistent with your personality, so instead of cutting your eyes...or cutting out your shopping altogether, make an effort to shop smarter and dare to go vintage. You won't have to break the bank while doing so either.

[Moses' Memorial Day Look]

Vintage cap: $7
Blue collar shirt: $18.99
Poplin Short: $29.99 (urbanoutfitters)
Canary yellow vintage knit tie: $15
Circa Joan & David monk strap wingtip shoes (not shown): $85
Harvard Belt: Priceless 

Just a few recession-friendly tips to success! This is what we call dressing for recession; cheap but stylish apparel.