Wednesday, September 9

Why Wednesday


There's been a lot of foolery that we haven't touched on in the past couple of weeks, due to us taking a small break from our "Why Wednesday" column, but it's back, like a bad case of herpes!

It's Why Wednesdays at KidduNot, where we simply ask the question "Why?" about some of your fav. celebs and the entertainment that follows them. So let's get to it...

1. Why haven’t we posted these ‘Why Wednesdays’ questions in like a month? & Why you actin like u didn’t miss it?

2. Why did I just find out that (Jamaican) Sean Paul released a new album… TWO WEEKS AGO? C’mon Atlantic Records Marketing!!!!

3. Speaking of unheard albums, Why is "On The Ocean" Singer K.Jon’s album titled "I Get Around?" TMI....

4. Why does Toni Braxton’s ‘Secrets’ album & Donnell Jones’ ‘Where I Wanna Be’ album still go tough after all these years?

5. Why did Trey Songz cut his hair & all of a sudden become the new ‘it’ boy?

6. Why doesn’t Chris Brown just take a break and chill for a while, instead of creating twitter accounts bragging about his new album & twitpicing photos of his messy closet and little brothers? #corny

7. Why is it so hard to listen to the radio with your mom in the car these days? Every other song just doesn’t reference sex, its ABOUT sex?!


8. Why did Andreas Hale, former executive of EBT (BET), air out the company making it even harder for them to get ratings now? As if TVone wasn't already hurting their numbers...

9. If Chris Brown's Bowtie can have a twitter page why can't Tiny's lips?

10. Why wasn't Jazmine Sullivan included on the VH1 Divas Live line-up, hosted by Paula Abdul, this year? We're looking for 'divas' , right? And you give me Miley Cyrus?? #WhereTheyDoThatAt?

11. Why is T-Pain dissing Jay-Z months after the release D.O.A.?... And wasn't he on stage at this year's Summer Jam co-signing Jay's Death of Auto-Tune??

12. Why is Brandy stealing Estelle's short haircut & tweet'n photos as if she's killing the look? SMH

13. Speaking of hair, why does Tyra Banks make it a point to prove herself to the masses every time? First, her weight gain...Now it's her hair....Yes, we get it Ty, YOUR HUMAN!...Just like everybody else.

14. Why did Whitney Houston damn near talk through her entire GMA performance yet we're still rootin for her? Why do we love a 'comeback' so much??

15. Why were republican parents beefing so much over letting their kids watch President Obama's speech to students yesterday? And Why are folks still being racist? Get it together America!

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