Monday, September 14

Random Shenanigans... Lil' Mama's Epic Fail!

Photobucket"You T-Paining right now" - Jay-Z

Lil' Mama also took a WTF! award home last night at the VMA's with her #random appearance on stage during Jay-Z & Alicia Keys final performance, ranking the top of Trending Topics(#Lilmamais) on Twitter.

...& Shockingly enough the celebs watching last nights VMA's wanted Lil' Mama escorted out the state of NEW YORK just as much as we did!

@MissKeriBaby "Lil I know mtv 'feels' like home, & NY is ur 'hometown,' but THAT STAGE........not so much." - Keri Hilson

@THEREALDJCLUE "#Lilmamais trying to steal memphis bleeks job" - DJ Clue

@myfabolouslife "#lilmamais the bird that flew outta Lady Gaga's nest on her face!!" - Fabolous

@bowwow614 "But then she hit da pose at da end tho! i mean i give it to er. gnr...she had guts. but damn.. not during a jay z alicia keys set. cmon..." - Bow Wow

@4everBrandy "After thanking God this morning for waking me up this is the thought that followed-- WTF lil mama?-- I just DID NOT understand that!" - Brandy

@Willie_Day26 "#lilmamais " I Dream Of Jeanie" LOL how the hell did see just end up on stage like "WONG"" - Will of Day26


#Lilmamais... Never mind, I think I'll just let this one alone! LOL :)