Friday, June 26

Music & Me...

Call me a true rebel or just an old soul, but as the world was being mesmerized by glittery gloves and white socks in penny loafers, I’d decided to be as non current as possible.
In true "rebel of pop culture" form, I'd found my 9 year old self lost in the 70's, enthralled in this Michael Jackson. While thumbing through songs to sing for an upcoming talent show (I chose MJ’s ode to his pet mouse "BEN") I stumbled across “Music & Me”. The lyrical content matched with the sweetest of melodies instantly made this my favorite MJ classic ever (2nd to "Human Nature"). And Although I'd jumped back on the bandwagon by the time "Dangerous" was released. To me there will never be anything quite like the talent of this little boy, with the biggest, sweetest voice...Motown Michael Jackson.

-COREY iNmourning