Thursday, May 7

Miss California Might Loose Her Crown Over Raunchy Photos

By this time, everyone has heard about the controversy surrounding Carrie Prejean, the current Miss California, and her opinion on gay marriage. Since the beauty queen made the infamous remarks at the Miss U.S.A. pageant in April, she has been attacked and uplifted by America. Obviously, some people call her ignorant, but hoards of other individuals love the good girl Christian image that she portrays. However, the recent surfacing of a raunchier Prejean (from might counteract her brand.

In addition, all of the public speaking engagements that she has been doing violate her contract as Miss California. She is not allowed to speak or appear at any public engagements without receiving permission from Miss U.S.A./Miss California officials, which she reportedly has not been doing. Pejean's contract also states that she cannot pose or have posed semi- nude or butt-naked in any photos.

Word is that there are a lot more rauncy photos floating around that are waiting to surface.

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