Thursday, May 7

Cocktails, Tequila Shots, & Ray J...?

Okay... So you know we here at Kiddunot luv digging up all the juicy dirt... and we've recently caught 3 reality stars rolling around in it!... All week the rumor-mill has been off the charts about Tila Tequila & Ray J hooking up... So you'd figure no-more Cocktail right?... Wrong! From what we've seen compliments of Twitter, Cocktail still believes Ray J's her boo! Stating... "Tila Tequila is doin waaaayyy too much! She better fall back on that bullshit! She wish she had my man. Ray is all mine!"- Cocktail via Twitter

Check out the msg's Via Twitter & you tell us what you think...

Ray J & Tila Tequila Conversation:

@itsRayJ "night booboo! have fun on tour and can't wait to see you when we both return to LA next week! I'm not gonna have sex either! haha!"

@officialTila "yeah Im gonna see u when we get back to Cali Baby ..I know Nc is gonna LOVE you! You know where Im at wit it!"

@itsRayJ "oh and by the way..You were really sweet at the radio show today.....You handled that one welll....So proud of my baby! Nite Nite x" -Ray J & Tila Tequila via Twitter

...Now Hours Later Conversing with Cocktail:

@itsrayj "Miss u already=( Can't wait to see u Saturday!"

@cocktailvh1 "just thinking about u baby!"

...Later Cocktail Stating-- "I wish he cared more." - Ray j & Cocktail via Twitter

This is a Twitter Twister I wouldn't mind being wrapped up in!
Ray J just blame it on the alcohol lol...