Thursday, May 7

Some Bloggers Need To Join The NBA

Why is it that bloggers always feel a need to reach for stories just to get some attention. This is something that you'll never see on KiDDuNot.

Let me clarify. Showcasing ingenuity and creativity is much different from plain-ole reaching. Earlier today, I was looking on one of the most visited black gossip websites on the World Wide Web, Bossip. While perusing through the hoards of randomness, I noticed a headline that seemed quite odd. It read:
Fabolous to Jay-Z: "You Look Dumb"
The post went on to give the following quote, supposedly from Fabolous himself:

"2 of the biggest hiphop moguls @ the lakers game on monday night. If u put both there financial status 2gether u have over a billion dollars. But i think Jay-z should lay off the hippie style…… stop trying 2 copy Kanye and Pharrell he looks dumb."
This shocked me a little, considering that Fabolous never seemed to create beef with random artists, especially hip hop legends like Jay-Z. So I did a little digging... And when I say a little digging, I mean I didn't do a lot of digging, I did a little digging lol. Immediately after clicking on the link that bossip claimed to be Fabolous' Blog,, it became clear to me that bossip did a lot of reaching with this post.

The comment, posted by "P.R.E.T.T.Y." (and I highly doubt that Fabolous would create that nickname for himself), was definitely on the site. However, it only took a couple of clicks to realize that this is not Fabolous' personal blog. It is clearly and evidently a blog comprised of Fabolous' fans. When I clicked on the "photos" tab, I expected to see an onslaught of press shots of the rapper Fabolous. Check out the picture titled "Me" below:

Guess what Bossip???

That's not Fabolous...

Also, I did a little more digging, and again, when I say I did a little digging, I don't mean I did a lot of digging, I mean I clicked like two more times lol. And I found the profile for P.R.E.T.T.Y. Again, this is not Fabolous.

The post on bossip goes further and says "No one ever talks about fact that your teeth resemble jagged knives, do they?"

Maybe the intention of Bossip is to plug their corny jokes instead of giving you real news, Hennesy Without Any Coke, like the banner at the top of their page says.

In basketball, the term reach signifies the quality of having an armspan long enough to put you at an advantage over other players who lack that armspan. In blogging, the term reach signifies the horrible habbit of making things up. If more players from the Hawks displayed the level of reach seen by Bossip, we would easily win the playoffs.

These ideas are representative of Willytee, a contributer for, and not as an entity.