Sunday, January 25



There were times when I had to stay to myself. Many surround me, but they only call on me for help. I had to sit myself down to realize this. I figured out that friends come, and friends go. I sometimes wonder how long will it last, and you know what? I've come to the conclusion that sometimes we'll never know, till they turn on you, they plan their attack, and once it's too late we find out the knifes in our back. The best way to tackle unneeded stress is to divorce yourself...divorce yourself before it's too late. Listen to what I say, . divorce yourself before a part of you dies. I feel it's needed to divorce yourself from some people, places, and things....If divorce is right, if divorce is wrong, I'll do what I want too move along.

A close friend expressed to me very concretely, that you have to divorce yourself away from friends, even family, who are not causing an impact on your life! And he is right, people sometimes hinder you from being all you are set out to be. Cut them off! You know those friends/family who only call you when they need something, but always forget to call when it's your birthday....Or those friends/family who call you to borrow $20 and you never hear back from them!?! Get rid of the pitts weight and put rocs by the door! I ask myself "how can I feel safe when I'm surrounded by snakes?". You don't have to be married to get a divorce, it's more of a mental thing...I can't express it enough, divorce yourself from all negative people, places and things. Begin to surround yourself with the positive...with people who have the same hustle as you and you'll see the difference!

So I ask, Is divorce is right, is it wrong?... I don't know, but I'll do what I want too move along. I'll move along, even if I'm alone!