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Daaamn Homey!! When Twitter Goes Wrong…Wale vs DJ Semtex

Aight chall...I've been telling everybody i know to hop on!! Some did and use it...Some did and their page is collecting this past week I witnessed this situation go down live on between Wale and DJ Semtex. I'ma let DJ Semtex take it from here, this post was jacked from


This week has been a great experience for the whole world, so i figured it would be a great opportunity to get Wale on my show this week as he is a DC native, a dope MC, who better to reflect on the Obama experience right?

So I travel for an hour to get to the BBC studios, change studios several times as I have to wait 90 minutes for a 10 minute interview with him. From the start it kinda felt like he didn’t want to do it, then I check his Twitter page while i’m doing the interview…..

Nice. So halfway through the interview, I asked him what was up with the Twitter post…..

Let me clear this up, there is NO blackballing, beef, tension or anything else, I dont cause drama, beef, or hype, etc.

I didn’t mean any malice. The post is fair I just said you should be careful, twitter can catch you out, which it did. Wale put up a post, I put up a post.

Wale is a fan of Seinfeld, so the title of the post was done in a way, similar to when Jerry says ‘Newman’! (cop the DVD if your confused).

Like I said, I found the whole episode funny listen to the audio. BUT later on, Wale said on twitter that he doesn’t mind doing ‘good’ interviews with certain sites, but hates people asking about DC????

I’m not being funny, but a lot of people don’t really know Wale, so its probably the best time to talk about Wale and DC. I’ve done nothing but support him, if he didn’t want to do the interview, he should have just said so.

Re. obama, Wale’s going to get asked about that for the rest of his life whether he likes it or not, which isn’t a bad thing.

Reality is my producer said I can’t use his audio because it was so flat (he sounded bored) compared to other artists on the show Nas, Lupe, Common, Green Lantern, Roze (who is from DC), etc. which is a shame.

But real talk, it is a bit disrespectful to post something like that, when your talking to people who are helping you with your movement, or someone who has waited 90 mins on the other side of the World. Thats like me a having a cipha on my show, but putting up a post halfway through the show saying I hate rappers rapping on my show.

Cool, he posted it an hour before when he was being interviewed by other people. It doesn’t matter whether its me or anyone else, DJ’s, Bloggers. Journalists, etc we all put in the work. He should have declined the interviews if he feels that way.

Can the Wale haters chill.

Can the Wale Stans please stop telling me to ‘kill myself’, you can all suck my nuts!

I will continue to support Wale and his music, I spoke to Dan his manager, its all been sorted out.

Thats it. Finished.
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