Sunday, January 25

StyleNote: Duffle Bag Boys

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Okay, so I appreciate fashion so much that I sometimes rock a manbag. Yes, a MAN BAG! Many men won't be caught dead with a "murse" and few men can actually walk around with one and get away with it. A manbag, as I like to call it- to stray away from the feminine connotation- is as masculine as you make it! Several men feel their masculinity will somehow be cut by the waist side if seen carrying a manbag, but I feel differently. I think it's all in your demeanor. By now I'm sure everyone has seen a guy carry a manbag, one time or another. This style trend isn't new- it's fairly popular in the UK and has been for years. I honestly don't know why I continue to live in the States, the style here does nothing for me - we're so late on everything. Im such a UK boy! I want to move lol. I don't like to push things on people, this is not one of those blogs, but if you are one who of those fashion-forward dudes who finds interest in a manbag, then let's ride!

To rock a manbag, and rock it properly, it's all in your swag (I promised not to use this word in '09, ugh) and how you carry yourself! 2009 is about taking risk & walking to the beat of your own drum. People are gonna talk...let them keep talking! We can't help what others say or think when they see a man rocking a bag. Society believes a guy seen toting a hand bag is gay, and in many cases they are correct, but I agree to disagree...because though some are, not every man who walks around with a manbag is, as they say, homosexual. I believe a heterosexual male can rock one as well...and rock it well. It's more of a style thing and you have to be content within your own skin to pull it off. One things for sure, you have to build confidence before tipping out, being caught red handed with one! Nevertheless, worrying about what the next man thinks of you should be the least of your worries- Do you! celebs have been killing this looks for some time now; Pharrell has been spotted rocking his purple hermes bag a couple of time and most recent, Ryan Leslie. It's not calling for debate!

If your ready for this next step in fashion & want to incorporate a manbag into you look this season, here's my advise:

  • Be very cautious on how you rock it - You want to hold it as if you're holding a briefcase, real business like...opposite of a women walking down 5th ave.

  • Be comfortable - Like I said, it's not a look that many men can pull off, so if you're going to do it, do it right! It'll show in your appearance if you're not completely comfortable, trust me and that's not a good look!

  • Be Stylish - Make sure the man bag compliments the outfit and look your trying to achieve. It's like matching your shoes & belts together, it's a must. Side note, you don't have to coordinate the color of your bag with your shoes. It ain't calling for that! Keep it simple.

  • Reap the Benefits - You want to carry your life in your bag, so make sure you get the most out your hand bag by choosing a tote with enough compartments & storage space for personal items (Cell phone, Laptop, Keys, Ipod, Snacks)

Fun Fact: I gave my manbag a name, which I coined "Kennedy". He's a double handled masculine, over sized-black crocodile tote. I don't normally name my clothing or accessories, but I will if I know they'll be around for awhile. This isn't something you have to do of course, just something fun to do to get used to having your new friend around ; -) ....

Remember how you rock your bag makes all the difference...Your image is what you make it!