Monday, August 25

The Game - L.A.X: A Review

Did I mention that I absolutely love the direction that music is going in right now? Hip Hop hasn’t been this good in years!!! Jeezy, Weezy, and KanYeeezy have been making some major moves in the past year. Yet with stellar lyrics and the top producers in Hip Hop on his team, The Game has also made a name for himself as one of Hip Hop’s heavyweights.
Two Albums, Seven Million Sold, Need I Say More???


L.A.X. boasts collabos from Ice Cube, Common, Raheem Devaughn, Ne-Yo, Ludacris, Raekwon, Chrisette Michelle, Bilal, Latoya Williams, DMX, Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne, Nas, and Travis Barker. Basically, 78.9% of the songs on his album feature another artist. Typically, when an artist has to put all of those big names on an album, it implies that he isn’t good enough to sell it with his own talent/resume. However, The Game actually makes all of these collabos work. I think what makes it doable is the fact that all of the artists vary in age, genre, style, and SWAG. How many albums exist with contributions from DMX, Bilal, Chrisette Michelle, and Travis Barker? In fact, how many albums exist with contributions from Latoya Williams (the girl who came in third place on Fantasia’s and JHUD’s season of Idol) period??? LOL

Another problem with albums that have a lot of big names on them is the possibility of the collaborators outshining the actual artist. With that being said, The Game can rap his ass off!!! This dude stays making some of the most creative and bold statements in Hip Hop. Seriously, this morning on my way to work I had to roll up my windows and cut the A.C. on when I was riding up the highway so I could get into every lyric that this dude spat.

In conclusion, support The Game and buy his newest album L.A.X. when it comes out on August 26th, which is tomorrow by the way!