Sunday, August 24

Out & About: Aretha

What the hell am I looking at? I almost dropped this damn laptop! Aretha know she was WRONG for comin out the house like this. I love her but damn, when I saw these photos I was happy because initially I thought to myself..."Yay, Martin is coming out with another movie(Big momma's House)". Then I took a closer look....and saw that DOUBLE CHIN, then reailty hit. Boy was I wrong! It was the Queen Of Soul herself laced in Chanel heels, with a Vuitton bag stepping sadlessly down the street. I was upset. Yes, you are mother to all (Beyonce, Mary, Mariah, etc.) but Im pretty sure they are not looking up to you right now.

On a Sidenote:

According to, Aretha Franklin will apply her heavenly voice to an array of holiday songs for a new album to be released Oct. 14 via DMI Records.

"This Christmas Aretha," the singer's first-ever Christmas album, will include classic holiday material as well as contemporary favorites. A press release says the listener will be taken "on a journey of Franklin's musical evolution, featuring songs infused with her trademark gospel, soul, R&B, and classical styles. Aretha Franklin is a living legend who makes an impact on fans worldwide with every performance and every album," said DMI founder, Tena Clark. "Having been privileged to work with Aretha, I know the passion she brings to every project, and I am committed to making her first-ever holiday album a special experience for her and her fans."