Monday, August 25

JoJo "Faints from Exhaustion" at a Concert In Australia

And I thought that K-Ci was the crackhead. Apparently, addiction runs in the Hailey family. At a recent concert in Australia, a sloshed JoJo falls down in the middle of a set. To make it even worse, his brother pulls a Kelly and Beyonce... He looks at JoJo, and then tries to act like the dude didn't just bust his ass in the middle of the stage!!! You can literally hear people in the background shouting "pick him up"!!!

After the tumble, his brother told the audience that JoJo was exhuasted(I guess from the intricate choreography they were doing all night) and fainted.

If you forgot what the duo used to be capapble of doing, check out this flashback joint. This is probably one of my favorite live performance music videos of all time.