Tuesday, August 19

Diamond in A Rouge

Miss LisaRaye you look cute girl! Show that man what he missing. Wouldn’t it have been fun to see first ladies such as Barbra Bush or Hilary Clinton in this outfit? “O” you forgot she was (technically still is) the first lady. Pimp them Lisa, Rocsi don’t have anything on you but some real hair, a 9 to 5 let’s not forget your husband she might even take your first lady role. “Dam” ! Stick to looking good it works for you.

Photos taken by Celebrity photographer Derek Blanks. Monica, Tiny, TI and Usher are among his exclusive personal client list. And most recently added, as Kodak reported the other day, JENNIFER HUDSON and Amerie!

Check out Derek’s Myspace page for more pics! myspace.com/dblanksphotos

Farah Allen