Tuesday, August 19

Fan Clubs? You got your memberships?

Have you ever liked an artist so much that you wanted to join there fan club? Here is a Price list. Yes, you heard me right! You have to pay for exclusive access to concert dates pictures and let us not forget news letters. Don’t knock the hustle people…. $30 Usher? Maybe back in the day when confessions was hot! But now you are a little unclean looking and devolving an old man body. Check out the fan club list and let me know if you would pay for this service.

Usher $35 yr
You get a Magazine ($7 value) ohh la la!

Hilary Duff: $29.95
Infomercial Price, just make it $30 Hil. This chick can charge more. Lil Umpa Lumpas like my Lil cuz Kishia (7yrs old) This girl will kill a person if Hilary sang it in a song.

Alisa Keys: $19.99
You get a Key Chain and a tot Bag

LL Cool J: Free
No grown person (his old fan base) wants to pay for pictures of him licking his old daddy lips

Chris Brown: $24.99
This Kid is hot right now. Lil girls and really lonely adults will def pay for this. I am still thinking about Ushers tired butt. I miss confessions.

Lil Wayne: $19.99
I love Wayne but this guy is Fuggly I will be damed, if I pay for his pictures. I only like night photos out of him or pictures with him wearing a hoodie. Have you noticed he takes a lot of distorted pictures?

Mariah Carey: Free
Her Site is hot!! It is like an interactive game, of course all about her attraction grabbing self. However, I have nothing bad to say about the free fan club site. I can dress her buy her shoes and have a fake Marriage. Wow, this is so much fun.

Who are you signed up with? With Myspace being in such fullforce, Kids dont waste your time or money, UNLESS you really really like the artist and gotta have these items...lol

Farah Allen