Tuesday, August 19

Say What! Mike Phelps Bump'n Lil Wayne?

Swimmer Michael Phelps aka The Human Dolphin is completely Shitting on the 2008 Beijing Olympics right now if you have not noticed. Let me catch you up to speed, as of today Phelps' Olympic medal count stands at 13, sweeping all his opponets under the rug! He is now a record holder for the most medals won currently. Besides from being half human/ half dolphin, Phelps recently revealed what helps him get through each race. On The Today Show he was asked what music he listens to, to get prepared for a race and his quite-shocking response was none other than Lil Wayne. Michael said he bumps “I’m Me” which was featured on Wayne’s The Leak. I fucks with Mike hard! I would have never guessed....Wait I can't even imagine it! You can listen to the track below: