Wednesday, December 23

Why Wednesday


It's Wednesday, and you know how we do...Let's go!

1.) Why are we not surprised by Que's departure from Day 26 after recalling what happen on last season's Making The Band?

2.) Why did Chris Brown delete his Twitter account? Was it because of his high typo rate or the lack of support from his fan?

3.) Why do the good always die young? I loved Brittany Murphy in Clueless...We sent our condolences to her friends and family. #RIP Brittany Murphy.

4.) Why do we think it'll be funny if Brandy started a "Bathroom battle" via Twitter with other R&B vocalist (i.e. Keyshia Cole, Melaine Fiona, Monica)....that would be entertaining, lol...Knock em' out the box Brand! lol

5.) Why is everyone shocked and appalled by Rihanna's cleavage. How soon we forget, but we saw all of her goodies months ago!

6.) Why in the world would Asher Roth, out of all people, be the center of a gay rumor? Wasn't that rumor just as random and weird as it gets? Yea, tell me about it....

7.) Why was Ashanti's stalker found guilty?....I'm pretty sure it was a mistaken identity. The guy probably thought she was Beyonce....I mean really, who stalks Ashanti?

8.) Why are we so eagerly waiting to hear more from Kanye West after he debuted a new verse at Kid Cudi's show in L.A.?