Monday, December 7

Motivational Monday:

"The art of being wise, is the art of knowing what to overlook".
- William James

Simply put, choose your battles (wisely). Everything isn't worth a fight, quarrel or debate. Sometimes you win by letting the other person believe they've won. Too often we're so afraid of allowing our pride and or egos to be bruised that we often feel like having the last word or upper hand is the way to go. However being an adult means not only thinking logically, but also rationally, sure you may feel good, giving this person a piece of your mind, but honestly what's the point? what will it achieve? It's almost guaranteed that if someone feels verbally attacked that they too will react instinctively, further fueling the issue & straying from solutions. Of course this is in no way advocacy for passive aggressive treatment or behavior, but pausing for a moment and deciding whether or not what you're about to say or do is conducive to your growth, progress or simply your day, can make a world of difference!
Pause. Think. Act.