Wednesday, November 18

Why Wednesdays:

1. Why does this week in entertainment seem kinda dry so far?
2. Why does Twitter have everyone upset with all these random & recent settings & changes?
3. Why the hell are the mothers of T-Pain, Lil Wayne & Ne-Yo launching their own "The View" inspired talk show?
4. Why do we hope that Mary J. didn't really send that grammatically errored tweet defending her intelligence on purpose?
5. Why is that Bee can crowd dive, keep her lacefront in tact and still hit every note in the process?
6. Speaking of, Why after all that hype, did the Beyonce ft. Lady Gaga 'Video Phone' video wreak of low budget? #IcouldamadethatonmyImac.
7. In hindsight, Why was Rihanna's Russian Roulette video secretly worth the wait?!
8. However after watching the making of her album's photoshoot, Why does she seem like someone you really wouldn't care to be friends with?
9. Why are Dame Dash, Beanie Sigel and whomever else still talking about feelings regarding any late ROC beef? #GetOverIt!
10. Why can't we even front on Omarion's choreography in his video for "I Get It In"?
11. Why can't we wait to watch Janet Jackson tonight in the spotlight with Robin Roberts on ABC?