Friday, November 6

Sammie's EP Photoshoot

Many people are unaware that R&B-singer Sammie parted ways with his long term management in late Spring, leaving him to work harder to stay afloat in this crazy auto-tune-transformed industry. In the Summer, Sammie was featured on Soulja Boy's No.1 single, "Kiss Me Through the Phone," proving that true vocals are still appreciated, despite the use of auto-tune. The chart topping single brought Sammie's fans back to life. To follow-up, he went back to the studio to create his mixtape "Swag&B" feat. D.J. Holiday, which had more than 100,000 downloads in its first week!

KidduNot had the pleasure of being invited on set of a recent photoshoot, as Sammie readies his fans with the release his first EP early next month. With a kids foundation in the works, and a new studio album, Coming Of Age, at the top of the year -- Get ready for Sammie to take 2010 by storm.

You know I'm not gonna give too much away --preview pics will be up next week. Check out Sammie's Behind-the-scene footage until then... Stay tuned!