Sunday, October 18

PressPlay: Kanye West & Spike Jonze: "It Was All A Fairytale"

I bet this is how Kanye really acts when he's drunk, minus the birthing of a bipedal rat-like creature.

Honestly, I almost think this video is kind of brilliant, but its so abstract that I don't want to even act like I know what's going on. However, if I'm correct, the clip is an extended metaphor. In the video, his drunkenness gives him both joy and heartache. Regardless, it renders him uncontrollable. He then births a child who he loves despite its being a bipedal rat-like creature. Although it's ugly, it's still randomly lovable. I actually thought that the creature was kind of cute and likable. Once he gives the creature power (a knife), it destroys itself and leaves Kanye alone, yet free of this creature who was living inside of him.

In that same sense, his outspokenness and passion have given him both joy and heartache He can't stop spewing his thoughts and opinions, as he can't stop spewing those random red pieces of paper in the clip. The child that he births represents his arrogance. Once he cuts it out, he is finally free, and apparently sober. This only happened however once he gave his arrogance too much power, which caused its downfall. Literally, this situation has forced Kanye into modesty.

What's your take?