Wednesday, July 15

Why Wednesday.


Hello people, you know the drill....This is Why Wednesday-- it's hump day in the city and it's time to ask "why" about current events, news and industry muthaf#*%a's!

As always, put your Game face on...

1.) Why is Wendy Williams the best thing to happen to BET since AJ and Free?

2.) Why is Video Vixen Karrine Steffans, a.k.a Superhead, giving relationships advice on The Today show? I would take her more seriously if she gave advice on giving head, but relationships? I don't think so...

3.) Why does Monica's fiance "rapper" Rocko always make that stupid something stinks face when he's taking a picture?

4.) Why am I seriously SMH after hearing that Joe Jackson is trying to pimp his grand-kids as the future Jackson 3?

5.) Speaking of Papa Joe, WHY was he plugging some new record label of his at one of MJ's tributes instead of at least acting like he was mourning his son?

6.) Why is it that Maxwell has come back, after an 8 year hiatus, and still pushed more units than Ciara's Fantasy Ride?

7.) Why are industry power couples Nas & Kelis / Usher & Tameka fighting to see who could have the messiest divorce by the end of the year?

8.) Why is The Game even dissing Amber Rose? Wasn't his Beef with Jay-Z?

9.) Why is "The Dream" always TRYING to fit into a smedium??

10.) Why is Souljaboy twitpic-ing photos of himself in his drawls? FAIL.

11.) Why has Michael Jackson sold ANOTHER 1.1 Million records this week? Wow.

12.) Speaking of MJ, why is he still under attack, even after his death? Can they let the man rest in peace already?!?!

13.) Why am I secretly tempted to start watching True Blood?

14.) Why is Nuvo's advertising & promo budget so HUGE? They've got celebrity endorsements and product placements everywhere!

15.) Why didn't any of us @ KidduNot go to the V-103 Car & Bike show? Shame on us!