Wednesday, July 1

Why Wednesday


With the sudden passing of Michael Jackson, this week has been filled with lots of emotion! We've been thrown off our daily tasks and through a loop, so to speak...but yet & still, we have a few unanswered questions!

As the week reaches its hump, we've seen everything from Jamie Foxx's "boa constrictor" to pointless ....and we mean pointless, reality shows.

As the shenanigan's roll out, the questions roll in.....WHY?

1. Why Beyonce?? Why you'd drag that TIRED A** "Ava Maria" costume to the BET awards, & not give Michael Jackson a single tribute?

2. Speaking of tribute, why didn't Ciara stick to what she's actually good at--dancing, instead of belting out all the wrong notes at this year's BET awards?

3. Why do we feel like BET pimped us all by tricking us into watching a 3 hour show that maybe had what, 30 minutes worth of actual Michael Jackson tributes?

4. Why is Mariah Carey saying that Eminem is obsessed with her, yet she's the one making an entire song and drag video likeness of him?

5. Why did Michael Jackson's death sweep Farrah Fawcett's under the rug?? People barely knew she died. That was shady!

6. OMG! Why didn't someone tell Ne-Yo to throw that hat back when he performed "Lady In My Life," at the BET awards?

7. Why has there yet to be a movie focused on the "Life & Times " of Phyllis Hyman? I can easily see Jazmine sullivan or Beyonce playing the role. For goodness sake, Beyonce stole all her looks anyway.

8. Why does Tiny & Toya have their own reality show??...Yet alone, Frankie & Neffe?? I mean really, who cares??

9. Hmm.... Speaking of Tiny & Toya, why does it take so much effort to get used to Tiny's face & Toya's voice?

10. Since the O'Jay's tribute... Why is everyone just now believing in Trey Songz vocal ability?Where Have y'all been??

11. Why did Drake have a bigger buzz than half the artist at the BET awards!?!?

12. Why is it so funny that Dorion, from BET's College Hill, chose the WORST week ever to attempt to whore for relevancy via his "accidently leaked" photos?

13. Why would Lil' Wayne leave Toya in the first place? Have you seen her? She's a bad bad B*tch, I would have never left!

14. Why can I foresee "Skank Robbers" selling out if it ever made it to the box office!?

KidduNot, we got questions....& we need answers!