Monday, July 6



Releasing an album later this yeat, Queen Latifah recently sat down with The Los Angeles Times to discuss her new project, her diversity in music, and Michael Jackson.

On New Album:
"It doesn't have a specific theme -- each [song] was so different from the next, me being the common denominator. And I realized my different characters were coming through on these [songs]. My acting, singing and rapping identities all came together under one roof as well as my taste in different kinds of music. I'd say it's half rap and half singing. If I had to categorize it, it would be more like hip hop urban alternative."

On Michael Jackson:
"At the end of the day I'm happy, he's free to be, free to fly, free to be welcomed by God's arms. He's had an amazing and incredible life, and it's not been without his sacrifices and trade-offs. Just to lose your anonymity, to be followed, where you go, and not be able to run around and play like a little kid? Grow up fast, and hang out with adults all the time. You don't want to have the responsibility of a life dissected like that. I look at some of those videos they're playing, you see the mischievousness, the kid in him that comes out in these things. One of my favorites was 'Scream,' with him and Janet. I always wanted that video to be a movie starring Michael and Janet. It'd be huge."

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Her new album Persona will be released Summer 2009.