Monday, July 6

Louis Vuitton Don.


My boy Marquis has always had a nasty shoe game--and to prove my point, most recently he copped the new Kanye LV's. Running about $870, he made it an issue to hurt my feelings with his shoe game this past weekend. I caught up the homie to talk fashion, his style and what inspires him....

Dream Job: An internship at Martin Margiela

What inspires your style?: My mood inspires what I wear day-to-day

What trend do you want to see die?: Baggy jeans and super tight, deep v-necks. Super tight shirts don't mix with baggy jeans.

What's a common misconception about you? : That I'm not a "people person." I'm actually great with people once I get to know you--some say I have a big ego though.

Favorite gadget: Blackberry Storm [B version]


Shirt: Barneys co-op
Shorts: Abercrombie cargo
Bag: Louis Vuitton Duffle
Shoes: Kanye LV's