Wednesday, July 22

Tip The Bartender.


I’m a Strivers Row junkie! I've been there every other Wednesday since their first social gathering with B.o.B (Bobby Ray)....The vibe is crazy, the store has a classy/luxurious feel to it and the drinks are FREE...All you have to do is tip the bartender! So bring out your Blackberries, business cards, event flyers, and get ready to mingle with ATL's finest. I put on for my city -- So if your ever in the "A", stop by Strivers Row and tell em' Kodak sent you!

Shout out to Will (Strivers Row) And Drummer Boy, I see you my ninja!!


Video: Arriving to Strivers Row tipping straight to the bar

Location: Strivers Row
774 N Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30306-4506
(678) 973-0045