Tuesday, June 30

Vampires Saved The Day!!


There once was a day when you could be fully entertained by basic cable or even an antenna. But now, Black comedy is restricted to reality TV coonery, and there are only a handful of decent white shows on television (which mainly air during the fall/spring).

TV has truly become a Man Down Code Ten Affair! However, there is a solution!

…And It’s HBO’s True Blood

Although it deals with the supernatural, this is definitely nobody’s Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. True Blood is like a country and raunchy version of Interview With A Vampire. I immediately became a fan after watching just one episode. Check out this clip, and I guarantee that you’ll be calling your local Cable Company to place an order for HBO.

By the way, if you missed the first few episodes of this season, they’ll be airing back to back @ 9pm/8c on July 5th, while the series take “a breather” for a week. Fresh episodes of the 2nd season of True Blood will resume on July 12th.