Tuesday, June 30

N***a Yo Jeans So Tight You Gonna Get Meralgia Paresthetica!!!


The popularization of the Tight Jean started in the 1950's with the mainstream embrace of rock 'n' roll. Although we in the urban community have only recently rebegun rocking the tightest of tight jeans, skinnies, the style has been a constant fixture of the rock 'n' roll community for decades.

However, with the recent rise in popularity of skinny jeans, health concerns have begun to rise about wearing your jeans too tight. You just might end up getting Merlagia Paresthetica, a random nerve condition that can cause excruciating pain.

One skinny jean victim, Christina Crane, 22, said she's worn low-rise rise jeans for six years before getting her diagnosis and now takes anti-seizure medicine to control her symptoms.

This is definitely a trend best used in moderation!!!