Tuesday, June 30

Richgirl Is A Metaphor.


Staring as the opening up act for Beyonce's ...I Am tour, Richgirl recently sat down with Livesteez to talk Electrik Red, their debut album, and staying together as one...

LiveSteez: What’s the concept behind Richgirl?

Brave: Richgirl is a metaphor. It has everything to do with being strong. It speaks to every confident woman who takes responsibility for her dream. Her God-given blessings, I guess you could say. It’s about being powerful and there’s power in femininity. It's about your inner self-worth. That’s what makes us rich.
Seven: It has nothing to do with money. At all.
Brave: We always say that we’re rich in family, we’re rich in spirit and we’re rich in love. You can be rich in so many other things.

LiveSteez: What’s Rich girl’s sound?

Lyndriette: Our sound is everything. We do pop. We do R&B. We do hip hop. We might take it to church! (in unison) Our sound is us.

LiveSteez: When I first heard of the group, everyone was telling me that Richgirl reminded them of the original Destiny’s Child. How does that make you all feel?

Brave: We’re so humbled. We’re so flattered to even be mentioned in the same breath as a group that was so extraordinary.
Seven: I remember the first time that I ever heard bugaboo in my parent’s jeep Cherokee. I heard it and I was like, ‘what is this!?’ I loved Destiny’s Child, and I still do. To know that people think that is very humbling.

LiveSteez: You guys are on the brink of the “girl group” coming back. Do you feel like you have a lot to prove?

Lyndriette: I feel like we have a lot to give, because there is such a void. Take it back to En Vogue and that’s the group that we hold on pedestal. Each girl sings and each is able to express themselves. Not to say that groups now and days don’t express themselves, but, I personally, along with my sisters, want to fill that void.

LiveSteez: How do you guys feel about Electrik red?

Brave: We bought their album. They’re “richgirls” too.
Seven: I just feel like there is room for everybody. Back in the day, like back in the Motown era, you had so many girl groups. There wasn’t just one girl group.
Brave: Later, you had Escape, TLC & SWV.
Lyndriette: I just hate that they’re trying to make groups go head to head. It’s not this vs. this. Why are we doing that? We all have totally different styles and we’re just doing what we like to do. They’re doing what they like to do.

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