Tuesday, June 30

Another "Print Pub" Bites The Dust--Vibe Final Cover

"Internet killed the magazine star!!"

Magazines and newspapers are DONE since the blogosphere made it's impact....And Vibe Magazine just happens to be casualty of that.

After 16 years, word on the street is that Vibe Magazine is finally closing it's doors. Shocked when I heard the news, all I could remember is flipping thru the pages of Vibe magazine, while my classmates read comic books in middle school --I guess I always did my own thang, now I run the game.

Vibe's Final Cover: The Dream & Christina Milian, August 2009 Issue

A victim of the internet, Vibe Magazine, If I can admit, sort of lost it's luster when the blogosphere came along. They no longer had the stories first. It became an "Internet first, publications second" kind of world. The content wasn't fresh as it once was. I guess people buy less toilet paper in recessions if you know what I mean...I'm just saying. But granted, when one door closes another one opens. I believe this will be a great opportunity for individual publishers.

Actually when I think about it, Vibe magazine was a huge part of my life during the 90s. It is pretty sad that it's gone.

Peace out to VIBE Magazine. They did our culture well and we'll miss them...

What were some of your fav. covers?