Wednesday, April 29

What & Why Wednesday

It's Mid-Week... & about that time to give our Kiddunot reader's the questions you've been dying to answer...

Thus far its been sizzling hot... and i can assure I'm not the only person questioning the behavior of Entertainer's these days... from what I've seen, they just might need a second to cool off!

Shall we begin...

1. What the hell made Asher Roth think it was cool to jokingly repeat the Don Imus statement?!

2. Why can't anyone tell us the real reason behind the Danity Kane split?

3. Of all people..What makes Jim Jones think Oprah Winfrey will actually have him on her show as a guest?

4. What makes Kim Kardashian actually think that new wig she's rocking is working for her?

5. Why is Trey Songz Twitter Mackin' on Cheetah Girl, Adrienne Bailon?

6. Ray J... During the reunion of "For the Love of Ray J", What was the shocked look all about during "Danger's" answer to the pregnancy rumor?

7. Why does it seem as though "IT" from "I Love Money 2" is actually smarter than he portrays to be?

8. Why the hell won't this 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross Beef end?!

9. What makes every Entertainer in this industry feel as though they're in a position to give Chris & Rhianna Advice?

10. Why does Sean "Diddy" Combs have every male model dying to be the new "Face of The Future"?

Kiddunot got Questions... Who has answers?