Thursday, March 26

Semi- Casual Event.

I get emails from women all the time complaining about how we don't cover women fashion that often - and their right, we don't! I personally haven't seen that many staple pieces that I love from a woman's line. Not looking could be the case on my end as well, but that's neither here nor there. Real talk tho, only a hand full of women's garments really pull me in...Case & point, women's chinos. I love to see girls in chinos, rolled up of course.


The first day of Spring began last Friday, and what I love most about this season is how the women become a little daring more with their fashion sense. I saw a girl today that rocked a set of chinos, as she paired it with a simple wife-beater and a nasty shoe. I didn't have my camera to capture her incredible ensemble, but I think I'm making up for it by this blog entry. What am I trying to get across? Simple- follow this girls lead - pair the khaki or gray colored pant with a bright spring colored t-shirt that pops, and a shoe that compliments the whole outfit accordingly. Chinos have so much flair & versatility which makes this item a great asset for all women.

There becoming very popular this spring, ladies - every girl should own a pair... or at lease think about incorporating this staple item in their spring wardrobe.