Thursday, March 26

Bloggers Wanted 3-26-09

The KidduNotCrew are looking for 2/3 passioninate members to help produce & insure that our brand, as fresh as it is, stays dougie around here by contributing with daily updates.


To cut to the chase, here's what we’re Looking For…

We need bloggers with the time, energy, and patients to update multiple times per day. A writer with a unique, witty style is always a plus+ - a little sense of humor goes along way! Someone with an interest in and knowledge of pop culture is a must. Someone who is familiar with all grounds of Hip Hop and R&B would be nice. Familiarity with all forms of music from different eras and genres is a major plus. Someone who has the ability to self-edit and properly structure post, as well as fact-checking info being posted is expected. Only people who have total self-discipline and motivation will be tolerated - we don't have time to babysit around here.

If you feel you can fill in a slot & bring in that extra flair, please email me Be sure to include a written sample that would cater to our brand, which can be reviewed & published immediately if needed. Also include your Myspace/Facebook page. There are existing format guidelines, style and procedures already in use at KidduNot - all of that would be further discussed in email nonetheless.

This is an unpaid, but rewarding opportunity. If you are an aspiring author or blogger you will benefit by gaining exposure for your writing and become an expert on your craft.

As you can see, I've been doing a lot of updates on my own, trying to stay on top of things...but sometimes I fall short because of the simple fact that...I'M ONLY ONE PERSON. I can't do it all by myself. The internet waits for no one, you already know, so this is my attempt to look for a few new kids on the block!

I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you....