Friday, March 13

Miami Heat -ChrisBrownBeatEmDown- [Day 7]

We've been here for week! Boy oh boy, "Time flies when your having fun!"....and that's true.


Today I felt a lil ChrisBrownBeatEmDown ish, so I beat a bit#@ ass and went jet skiing. How nice, right!? Wrong, ya'll know I don't condone that....But all jokes aside, one of my favorite things to do while here in Miami is Jet Ski. Me and the homie A.C. took out the Jet ski and hit up the beach and surfaced around some of Miami's biggest star attractions - Star Island and Fisher Island. Oprah has a pad on Fisher Island and countless entertainers have houses on Star Island. We also took the Jet ski out to South Beach - where all the spring break college kids were.


Back to Chris Breezy- My day does sorta tie into the 19-year old R&B crooner, iKidduNot!! I spitefully , landed outside of Diddy's infamous Star Island mansion and took a picture clinching my fist at the camera, in the area remotely close to where Chris Brown took his infamous shot with the same gesture, weeks after his Feb. 8th incident with Rihanna....See the connection? This was the SAME mansion Chris Brown was stopped at 2 weeks ago have the time of his life !?!


It started raining, but you know I never let a lil wet wet put a damper in my day. I had a Fu@king blast!

Back to work!

Photos: All taken outside out Diddy's Star Island mansion