Saturday, March 14


Gorilla Zoe ft. Diddy - ECHO
World Premiere!!! Gorilla Zoe "ECHO" Featuring Diddy!

I'm so loving this record from Gorilla Zoe!!, but I can't believe how many cats are hating on this joint. I'm a fan of hip hop above anything else, let me make that clear. But I'm also one of the few who understands what it takes to stay relevant in this business. Zoe is just diversifying his clientele. And I’m feeling his movement this time around.

This record is about to put money in his pocket. Zoe, I know all too well about Artist development and not letting the industry pigeon hole your character and career. The hood records have been done....but he and I both know that there is no money in the area. Zoe has kids to feed.

Zoe also has Diddy backing him....Not saying that Diddy is the best business man, but he knows how to make that money!...In this game, it's all about growing as an artist and get that guap. Cats ain't trying to be labeled as One hit wonder's....They are trying to stay around for the next 10-15 years. To stay relevant, you have to pull a Kayne. Mr. West has set that tone for many rappers to start delivering different material, other than talking about slinging dope and downgrading 'hoes'. Case and point: Lil' Wayne; He's coming out with a rock album this spring....Not because that's his brand, but because he has money on his mind!

Ya'll better get with it!