Wednesday, February 18

Why Wednesday


Welcome to "Why" Wednesday, where I simply ask the question "why" to current news, people, and events.

  • Why is it that the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation gets more attention than Barack Obama, the 1st ELECTED black president.Wanna know WHY I put some much emphasis on elected? Simply because Barack Obama was NOT the first black president, he was the first elected. John Hanson, was the 1st president and he was black (but back to "Why" Wednesday.)
  • Why was 50Cent visiting Dj Khalid's momma at work?Now, there are many successful black men that have problems with other black men, but I have never seen someone that OLD, and Rich to be so damn stupid, ugly, and immature. Did he not learn his lesson when the last nigga blowed his damn grill away.50, who in the f#ck you think you are to visit somebody's momma, when you ain't even a good father to your own son. I usually only pray for humans, but Im gonna have to add a gorilla to the list. And before you try to end somebody else's career, you just remember, your one MORE bad album away from "Surreal Life" your g*tdamn self, with them big a$$ , fake a$$ teeth. Now I can stop being mad. Why is Rick Ross embarrassing the South the way he is? Just bow out gracefully, just be the bigger person, that you physically are and shut up, and let 50 beef with mommaz. Your career was over when we found out you was a cop. Plus you sucked anyway. There's no way 50 could have went in on Lil' Wayne, T.I.,or Ludacris that way. I'd like to see 50 try to take Tiny shopping.

  • Why have we been waiting on the stimulus check forever, and they talking about 25 dollars added to your paycheck? 25 dollars is just enough to go and buy a bag of.....nevermind..Let's just say 25 dollars will stimulate the streets.

  • Why is Nova crying about Cam'ron using, "I Hate My Job" ? I'm sure that no one knows who Nova is, including Cam'ron. So, call it a lost..Nova, you wanna make money? First spell your name backwards...AVON..Now sell that, you might be more successful.

I'm done, so now you can come rip me apart.

This is Donnovan Truitt for Pullin' Out !