Wednesday, February 11

Why Wednesday

I'm Donnovan Truitt, and welcome to "Why" Wednesday, where I simply ask the question "why" about current news and people. For example Why hasn't Rick Ross realized how wack he is right now . All that wack sh#t he's doing to get back at 50 Cent is a wreck. Well, I guess it's understandable, a cow would never win a fight with a gorilla. And speaking of fights, why did Chris Brown put them hands on Rihanna? They said he beat the hell outta her. He beat her so bad , they couldn't figure out whether he Ike Turner'd dat a$$, or if she got in a car wreck. Damn Rihanna, that was the perfect time to holla "S.O.S.".Why was Lil' Kim selected for Dancing With The Stars? She can't even do the Lost Boys dance. I can't wait to see a chick from the projects attempt ballroom dancing. That's like putting a fighting Pitbull in a dog show against Yorkies. Good luck Kim, I hope your nose, wig, and breast don't fall off on the dancefloor. Speaking of body parts, Why in the hell was Tamika Foster getting plastic surgery? If Usher made it this far with that big ugly a$$ nose, looking like an arrow pointing down. And Kanye, Why do you insist on making the "why" list every week with your gay antics? That n!gga is retarded, and he needs to be stopped.Well, this is "Why" Wednesday, and I'm Donnovan Truitt for Pullin' Out!