Friday, January 2

My New Years Resolutions....Will I Live Up?


Resolutions are always made and broken very quickly, I can atest to this. I never live up. 2009 will be different for me I hope. Im gonna try to stick to mine! I usually just jot em down in this big head of mine, this time I'm writing them down. So with no time to waste, here they go!

-Cut back on drinking

-Go to the gym and stop wasting my gym membership

-Cut back on fast food, and cook more

-Work on my trust issues

-Take my site to the next level

-Communicate better with my peers

I'm telling you, if I work on these things I'll be a better person in '09. I know cooking is a major issue for me. I eat out all the time, simply because it's fast and I don't have to wait. I hate being in the kitchen, it's just not for me. But I'm doing things different this year. Communication is my biggest issue tho, as people say. I say ''I'll call you back'', and never do. Not because its on purpose, but because I be some on busy type ish. So that I'll definitely be working on along with hitting up gym and all the other things that'll make me smile at year's end once accomplished!