Sunday, November 30

Unsung: Phyllis Hyman

Tonight, TV One celebrates the live Of the late-great Phyllis Hyman. Tv One is profiling the stars which stole our hearts in a new series, Unsung. Tonight they put their focus on Phyllis Hyman. Let me just tell, I'm in love with Phyllis Hyman. Her voice, still to this day, unmatched. The music she made, timeless. Her style, over the top-over the top. Phyllis' trademarks included fancy hats and large over-sized chandelier earrings. It's funny because I was just having a talk with WillyTee about people sleeping on Phyllis Hyman and not paying her her dues, nor giving her the respect she deserved....We were talking about doing a spotlight on her and everything....and now Tv One beats us to the punch with Unsung: Phyllis Hyman. Unsungis set to takes us behind the music as they go inside the live of Phyllis Hyman. This should be interesting. Were still going to spotlight this phenomenal singer, who sadly left us too early. Be sure to check the show tonight. You gotta check you local listing for times and all that shit, lol....Just know it comes on TONIGHT!

And just in case you don't know who she is and your still trying to figure out...

Phyllis Hyman -Living all Alone

2:29 she kills it with the whistle

Don't forget to do your homework!