Monday, November 17

Q-Tip says "Auto-Tune is wack to me."

Q-Tip speaks about the whole auto-tune explosion and why "it's wack" in an Exclusive Interview with Personally I think anybody doing it after T-Pain is biting, although Roger Troutman of Zapp made it famous T-Pain bought back to the forefront for the new generation. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Ron Browz and Snoop Dogg are some of the most notable artists to use/abuse the Auto-Tune effect. I give T.I. credit for his performance on "Whatever You Like" because he could have easily pressed the button to jump on the Auto-Tune bandwagon but he decided to go left. My theory is this, using it for a song here or there is not THAT bad but when you got people like Ron Browz and Kanye West doing WHOLE ALBUMS using the effect that's a lil too much. As much as I like song like "Heartless" by Kanye & "Pop Champagne" by Browz that's just my take on this topic. Check out the vid below to here Q-Tip's thoughts on this...

The Virgo Signing Off..