Sunday, November 16

Get Your Barack Obama Action Figures

I'm amazed by the amount of Obama merchandise the has popped up over the past year. You usually see collector's items like these for people who are no longer with us such as Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix or Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, but Barack has definitely broken the mold. will soon release over 45 Barack Obama Action Figures, roughly ranging from $9.99 to $19.99. Here are my fav 10 of collectible peices.

"Iconic Obama" by Nelson Asencio
"Break When The Shit Hits the Fan" by Damion Silver
"Joe Six-Pack" by Beck(y)
"Thriller" by pocketwookie
"Brand New Funky President" by Suckadelic
"Barack, Paper, Scissors" by Brian Butler
"Obama Popping Out Of Paper White House" by Matthew Hawkins
"Art Not Crime!" by Rsin
"The Green Warrior" by Dionysus
"Obamahood" by Nemo

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