Thursday, October 2

The Top Albums and Songs in America

Last week, several Hip Hop and R&B artists released new albums, including: Jazmine Sullivan, the Pussycat Dolls, and Joe (who knew he was still in the game).

Pulling in 132,000 units in its third week at #1, the top album in the country is still Metallica's Death Magnet. Pulling in second is Demi Lovato with Don't Forget. Ne-Yo maintains his spot in the top five with The Year of the Gentleman coming in at number three. The fourth spot went to the Pussycat Dolls with Doll Domination (80,000). Jazmine Sullivan debuted at number six with her debut album, pulling in 66,000 units and Joe did a modest 57,000, coming it at number eight. Here's the full top ten:

1 - Metallica - Death Magnet
2 - Demi Lovato - Don't Forget
3 - Ne-Yo - The Year of the Gentleman
4 - PCD - Doll Domination
5 - Kings of Leon - Only By The Night
6 - Jazmine Sullivan - Fearless
7 - Kidd Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus
8 - Joe - Joe Thomas, New Man
9 - Young Jeezy - The Recession
10 - Jonas Brothers - A Little Bit Longer

As far as the rest of the charts go, Rihanna, Lil' Wayne, and The Game are all still in the top fifteen. Nelly dropped from three to nineteen, and Raphael Saadiq dropped from nineteen to fourty-one

Here are the top ten songs in the country:

1 - T.I. - "Whatever You Like"
2 - Pink - "So What"
3 - Kanye West - "Love Lockdown"
4 - Rihanna - "Distrubia"
5 - M.I.A. - "Paper Planes"
6 - Katy Perry - "Hot N Cold"
7 - T-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - "Can't Believe It"
8 - Ne-Yo - "Closer"
9 - Taylor Swift - "Love Story"
10 - Estelle ft. Kanye West - "American Boy"

WOW!!! Who knew "American Boy" was still that big? I'm definitely not disappointed at all though! That joint is still my shit! And it's obvious that America is still really feelin Estelle...

So why in the HELL do I continue to hear all of these flops on the radio in Atlanta??? If I hear "what's up wit dat p****" or "Marco Polo" one more time!!!

And I have honestly NEVER heard "Love Lockdown" on any of the radio stations in Atlanta, and I probably heard "American Boy" TWICE on Atlanta radio since it came out in the spring!

UGH... sometimes I really get sick of the South...
Anyways... I'm done ranting...

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