Wednesday, October 1

Adrenaline Rush

Ok, so remember I was telling you about the CAU Homecoming Fashion show? Well it took place last night and I must say it was pretty impressive. The show gave you flashing lights, fireworks(think beyonce stage show), beat faces, walks for days and "over the top, over the top" fashions. Designer Rafael Cox & stylist Jeremy Haynes, along with everyone else who was involved behind the scenes, put together a good 6- scene show. Scene after scene, these models tipped! Even when one fell....she got right back up...stuck her tougue out at the on-lookers and kept tipping like nobodys business. The red carpet was a mess tho. It was a fashion show, so you would have thought to get into full gear, but that wasn't the case. They were a fool wit it! I would show you the "fashion NOT's", but for the sake of this great show, I'll only show you the goods. I was front and center and here's what I captured -The rush of fashion!

Now that was adrenaline...