Sunday, October 26

Spotlight: The CraigLewis Band

I was first introduced to The Craig Lewis Band (their last names combined) by a friend who lead me to their video on YouTube of them singing the "Brady Bunch" theme song. Yes, the Brady Bunch theme song. They killed it! Within seconds, I was clearly blown away by these two dudes. They took an intro from a popular sitcom and made it their own...and I was thirsty for more! They are extremely gifted and their vocal range is out of this world! They have the range of a Kim Burrell or a Jennifer Hudson....and can do vocal runs like a "Jazmine Sullivan", if that says anything right there. I can remember listening to them and wondering how the hell they went undiscovered for so long. After doing some research on the duo, I realized that they had much more in common with Jazmine Sullvan than just her riffs and runs. The duo were once signed by L.A. Reid, but were shelved because the industry "didn't really knew exactly what to do with voices like ours." the group states. Same thing with Jazmine, she used to be signed to Jive Records before getting dropped at the tender of 17, with fear from the label not knowing what to do with her voice....and look where she is now! It's just a matter of time before CraigLewis gets their time to shine! And let me tell you, when radio gets wind of their voices, it's gonna be something serious! Whatever they touch, whether it's a gospel track or a track written by singer/songwriter Neyo, it's bound to turn gold. When their voices merge, you finally know the true meaning of "beautiful music to your ears". Craig has a more raspy voice reminiscent to Lyfe Jennings or Fantasia, while Lewis has a more rich-powerhouse tone, that blends so well together. The two met here in Atlanta, while studying music business at Clark University. When I found out they lived in Atlanta, I was making sure I attended every one of their shows. Though they sound great in studio, live music is their niche! When you come to a CraigLewis show, they come prepared with a live band, ready to take their audience to new high.....and I'm one who loves live music, so attending a show of theirs is like a time in heaven for me! I couldn't ask for anything more from these cats. They take you there! Let me just go ahead and put it out there, these guys are amongst my favorite singers, real talk. Over the last 7-8 months, I've been able to obtain a friendship with the group and they are down to earth as hell! I don't want to seem bias by no means, I just want to share. The talent shared by these two individuals shouldn't be hidden, I believe the world should know about them...soon they will be a house whole name, believe it or not! They provide great music and I want the world to know about them. America, we finally found the phenomenal male singers of our time. No offense to Trey Songz or any other great singer out....but these guys are on another level! Take a look

Craig n' Dem singing the "Brady Bunch" theme song

Craig n dem singing "Im Here" by Fantasia

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